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'The Lying Game' Recap: Sutton Meets The Twins' Mother & Emma's Old Enemy Returns!

Tue, September 27, 2011 9:19pm EDT by Add first Comment

Plus, Laurel wants to lose her virginity! Do you think she’s ready?

While Sutton (Alexandra Chando) remained a captive in the same mental hospital as her mother, Eduardo (Rick Malambri) was in dire condition after his car “accident.” To make things even more complicated, Thayer (Christian Alexander) decided to stick around and look out for Mads (Alice Greczyn), while Laurel (Allie Gonino) became desperate to lose her virginity to squatter boyfriend Justin (Randy Wayne.)

Then there’s Emma, who still mad at Ethan (Blair Redford) this week for overreacting to Sutton’s little sleepovers with Thayer — and Ethan punching Thayer was the last straw for Emma. She’s positive he’s still in love with Sutton!

Mads and Char (Kirsten Prout) became convinced there was something going on between Sutton and Eduardo, and their anger only increased after thinking Emma-as-Sutton also slept with Thayer. And speaking of mistaken identity, Sutton was accused of being Emma at the mental ward because, to be fair, she was in possession of Emma’s driver’s license. No one believed her when she tried to explain herself.

She did get meet their mom, Annie Hobbes, Only to have the woman claim that both her little girls died and to dismiss Sutton as merely a hallucination. The police then arrested Sutton for the Emma’s prior charge. (Remember that money she stole at the beginning of the season?)

Back in Phoenix, the Mercers discovered Justin and Laurel in bed together — so bad! — and Emma’s creepy foster brother Travis (Kenneth Miller) showed up at the Mercers’ house!

I think Alec (Adrian Pasdar) somehow caused the car accident. He hasn’t outright admitted to it, but he’s so slimy and possessive that I wouldn’t put it past him. Also, where is Thayer and Mads’ mom? The writers haven’t explained her absence yet, so far as I can remember — and it’s sort of suspicious.

I don’t blame Laurel for wanting to sleep with Justin. He is her boyfriend and he seems like a good guy, even if he did at first lie about his past. I thought her whole set-up for the big night was pretty cheesy, though. If I were him, that nightie and those candles would have turned me off! I wonder what the Mercers are going to think of him next episode after finding out his living situation.

As for Emma, she has a right to be mad at Ethan. He totally overreacted! I feel like half of his character growth consists of hitting people. He’s definitely slipping as a likeable character for me.

And Mads and Char are also justified in being angry with Emma-as-Sutton, since it is safe to assume she lied to their faces about sleeping with Thayer. I really think Emma should just tell them the truth about who she is. That would spare everyone so much pain — and time!

Alec was definitely involved in making Annie think that her daughters died. It was so sad when she refused to speak to Sutton! I hope the twins resolve matters with their mom in a later episode and that Sutton and Emma both end up all right. Emma should just say Travis is an intruder and have him taken away, since I doubt the Mercers will tolerate hearing the twin story — especially if it comes from some random boy.

What did YOU think of this episode?

— Flora Collins