Robert Pattinson- Don't Try To Punch The Paparazzi! You're A Star & Being Photographed Is Part Of Your Job Too!

Hey Rob -- you are usually the most-friendly, self-effacing, cool -with- fame celebrity in Hollywood. You need to stop freaking out at photographers! Please Rob, don't become another Sean Penn or Chris Martin from Coldplay. Keep your fists to yourself when the paparazzi take your picture and thank the Lord, that, that is one of the least important downsides of fame.

Yesterday, Monday, Sept. 26th you were snapped leaving the ICM talent and management agency in LA and you almost wound up and punched the photographer taking your photograph.

“I was just standing there, taking his picture , not saying anything, not getting too close and he just went off. He clenched his fist and got ready to hit me, but his friend told him to stop and calmed him down,” the photographer told the Y17 photo agency.

Rob, please — you are usually so gracious. You need to stop and think for a moment about how you are fulfilling your dreams. You’ve had the incredible good fortune to have become a Big Star in the past four years. Not only have you starred in all the Twilight films, Bel Ami and Cosmopolis. You’ve been cast in the drama Unbound Captives. You made $20 million just last year alone.

You love acting and you are getting to make a fantastic living doing it.

You also are madly in love with Kristen Stewart and she loves you back just as passionately.

You have a lovely close knit family, your parents aren’t divorced and what’s also incredibly important — you have your health.

Think of how fortunate you are. And think of how many people today can’t make a living period, let alone at a job they love. They can’t pay their bills, they’re losing their homes.

They have REAL problems! Having “pesky” paparazzi take your picture on a sidewalk, is a bit tedious, but it’s nothing more than just part of the job of being a hugely popular and wealthy star. Surely, you can see that every profession has its downside and this sure beats having to work at a fast food joint or on an assembly line at a manufacturing plant!

So Rob, put the paparazzi experience in perspective. I may not like what Brad Pitt said about Jennifer Aniston, but he is ALWAYS friendly and courteous to the paparazzi, as in fact is Angelina Jolie AND Jen Aniston‘s new boyfriend, Justin Theroux.

They usually just joke around with them and both Angelina and Brad have talked about how dealing with the paparazzi is a very small price to pay for all the blessings their successful, high profile careers have brought them.

OK Rob! We all are HUGE fans of you here at and we know that this doesn’t really represent you. We know you’ll be back to your gracious self in no time!

— Bonnie Fuller

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