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'The Secret Circle' Recap: When Adam & Cassie Get Together Magical Things Happen!

Fri, September 23, 2011 12:35am EDT by Add first Comment

Okay, it’s a show about witches, magical things ALWAYS happen. But I’m loving Adam and Cassie’s chemistry aren’t you? Also we saw a crystal! And some black magic! Let’s discuss.

The second episode of The Secret Circle, entitled “Bound”, aired tonight and a lot happened in Chance Harbor! Cassie‘s power — and Faye‘s — spirals out of control and the adults get in on the madness with the help of a handy, dandy CRYSTAL!!! (Finally. I know I’m obsessed but c’mon they are so important in the books.) Also, someone dies again as the death toll for this show rises. Recap ahead!

I don’t know about you but my favorite scenes generally involve a certain silver-corded couple. The episode really began heating up when the gang went to science class and Faye tried to mess with Cassie’s burner, which of course ended up, well, backfiring. I loved when Adam chased Cassie out of class (although seriously by the end of the episode I was dying to see Diana flip out at the obvious chemistry these two have… which isn’t their “fault” but STILL). “If you let me, I can help,” says Adam. Sure you can, dear. “Help” all you want.

The scene with them and the lightbulb amused me. Favorite line of the night by far went to Adam’s response to Cassie’s “I feel like I’m living in a Harry Potter movie.” “He has a wand.” The condescension that accompanied the word wand was perfectly delivered. Of course Cassie is not nearly as entertained by her chemistry with Adam as I am, because she’s a good person and all, and ultimately she starts to come around to the idea of binding the circle. An idea Diana is adamant about. “No more exploding lightbulbs or floating water?” asks Cassie. “I don’t so,” replies Adam, in an entirely unconvincing tone.

Obviously more happened in the episode than just Adam and Cassie interactions:

  • Faye’s paternal grandfather came into town upon Ethan’s request after he was nearly drowned by Charles. Charles subsequently gets his crystal taken away by Dawn, who then uses it to kill her father-in-law. But this is only after she uses it to save Sally’s life so that Faye doesn’t have to live with the guilt that she killed someone with her out-of-control magic.
  • The two most boring characters in the series (so far) Melissa and Nick hook up. I wish I cared more. I hope they get more interesting storylines soon.
  • Faye tells Diana she’s about to lose Adam. Diana finally confronts him about his interactions with Cassie and does it in a very endearing, if not totally oblivious, way. “Do I have anything to worry about with you and Cassie?” – Diana (DUH they are bound by a silver cord). “Why would you ask that?” – Adam (Guilty roundabout way of not answering the question… impressive). “Because I’m insecure and I love you.” – Diana (If you didn’t give a little ‘Aww’ when she said that you have no soul). “I love you too.” (Not the point Adam. Not. The. Point.)

At the end of the episode the circle was bound, which happened rather quickly. I would have thought this would have been drawn out a little longer but from the promo (watch below!) for next week’s episode “Loner” it’s easy to tell things are about to get even more interesting, real fast.

What did you guys? What were your favorite moments? Sound off below!

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