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Bristol Palin Flips Out At Sarah Palin-Hating Heckler & Accuses Him of Being Homosexual!

Fri, September 23, 2011 3:15pm EDT by 16 Comments

Not cool, Bristol Palin. Even though the heckler was disgusting- he called your mother, Sarah Palin “a whore”, you handled this incident terribly.

Bristol Palin’s trip to LA’s Saddle Ranch restaurant/bar on the Sunset Strip to film for her upcoming reality show turned into an all-out disaster when she was heckled by a Sarah Palin hater after she finished riding the restaurant’s mechanical bull.

47-year-old consultant, Stephen Hanks, started the ugly incident by yelling at Bristol as she slid off the mechanical bull: “Did you ride Levi like that? Your mother’s a whore! Your mother’s a f…ing whore, she’s the devil!”

When Bristol shockingly walked over and confronted him, the man called Sarah Palin “the f…ing devil!” And said: “If there was a hell which I don’t think there is one, she’s gonna be there… she’s evil!”

Bristol then even more shockingly asked: “Is it because you’re a homosexual and that’s why you hate her?”

“Pretty much,” replied the man… “and why’d you say I’m a homosexual?,” he demanded.

Replied Bristol: “Because I can tell you are.” She then asked “Is that your boyfriend?”, about the man sitting at the bar next to the abusive heckler.

The confrontation continued as Bristol kept pressing the heckler about why her mom deserved his wrath: “Why does she deserve that?”

Believe it or not, the situation got even more nightmarish when Bristol stopped at another part of the bar before storming out and was again heckled. “You’re f…ing white trash from Wasilla,” another patron yelled. “You’re a f…ing bitch!”

The bottom line here: Everybody behaved very badly. The Sarah Palin-haters were rude and verbally abusive and had no right to attack Bristol, even if they felt that Sarah was full of “anger and hate,” as one said.

On the other hand, Bristol should be smart enough to walk away from haters, and shouldn’t be accusing anyone of being a homosexual. A person’s sexuality is irrelevant.

It’s amazing that her mother and her advisors haven’t trained her to deal in a classy way with nasty uncalled- for situations like this. It’s also amazing that Bristol has landed in hot water before for being involved in a Facebook incident where she and sister Willow used homophobic slurs.

Bristol and Willow later apologized on behalf of herself and her sister.

Now she’s just let loose another homophobic slur!

By the way- this was all caught on camera by Bristol’s reality show crew. Shame on you, Bristol, was handling this is such an epicly rude way!

-Bonnie Fuller