Check Out The Spa Where Drew Barrymore Gets Her Flawless Skin!

Being a Hollywood starlet is a tough job, lucky for us we know where the stars go to relax and make themselves look fantastic. Touch of Faith is the hot spot for stars like Drew Barrymore and Kate Bosworth to go and we want to be just like them! Touch of Faith is the It spot to be when you want to be treated like a star! Organic spray tans, fancy facials and glowing skin at this spa are all super affordable and cater not only to the elite but to you too.

If you are in need of a lesson in skin care or simply want to turn up your tan, take a tip from top celebs and stop by Touch of Faith Aesthetics and Skin Care Spa.

Kate Bosworth gets her stunning brows thanks to the magic of Nora Charles, Touch of Faith’s French guru of wax and tanning. We love Kate and if she trusts Nora, we say you should too. Who wouldn’t want to look like Kate?

In addition to the magic of Nora, Anna Logan, the queen of skin care helps everyone who enters the spa to look their best now and for years to come. Glowing skin is a must-have if you want to live like a star and Anna has the best way to give you holistic skin care makeover!

The casts of Grey’s Anatomy and True Blood also frequent Touch of Faith and they all look great! So let’s be honest, we love these shows and now we want to go to this spa even more. Who knows, maybe we will run into Meredith Grey or Sookie when we stop by. A girl can dream!

Located in the heart of Hollywood’s media district, it’s no wonder they cater to some of the top celebs in the industry.

This spa is ready to pamper you as soon as you walk through the door. With organic spa treatments, waxing and tanning services, guests can do anything to make their skin as great as possible. It is the best way to treat yourself and be a celebrity for a day!

Who do YOU want to see at the Touch of Faith spa?

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