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Jersey Shore Recap: Snooki & Deena Have Full On Make Out Session & Snooki Crashes Into A Cop Car!

Fri, September 16, 2011 9:49am EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment

We know Deena likes to kiss girls but we thought Snooki had a serious boyfriend — And you’ll never guess who decided not to wear underwear to the club!

Somebody’s going to get mono — and we know who! The Sept. 15 episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore was full of swapping spit and we learned a new work “Cuca!” We saw a lot of Cuca during the episode — and let’s just say it’s another word for “hooha”. After becoming fed up with their mundane “jobs” at the pizzeria the cast has the brilliant idea of heading to the Italian beachfront town of Riccione.

Snooki, a self-proclaimed geography whiz makes sure to point out upon her arrival that Riccione is an “island or a border continent.” Genius! What’s a trip without a ton of drinking and heading to the club for some fist pumping?! Deena opts to go clubbing sans panties. This would be more or less fine if she didn’t fall onto the floor repeatedly and flash her vajay to the MTV cameras.

But Deena isn’t the only meatball to fall on the floor, Snooki joins her! The two begin hysterically laughing and rolling around/falling on the ground — both flashing their lady parts for all of Italy to see. But their drunken behavior takes a strange Katy Perry-esque turn when the two begin a full-on, raw, make out session. Picture this: Snooki on top of Deena and they’re sucking face.

Snooki’s bestie JWoww is appalled — although her new Michael Jackson face is so full of Botox that it’s hard to tell when she’s upset. The girls didn’t just enjoy each other at the club, they continued their sexual exploration on the car ride home. But thankfully they both passed out when they got back.

Snooki ends up telling Jionni about her wild night and surprisingly the normally controlling boyfriend doesn’t mind. He’s probably just trying to not rock the boat since he’ll be visiting the following week.

The episode concludes with the ultimate moment of the episode — Snooki crashes her car into the back of a police car! Can someone say “La Polizia!” Dramatically, Snooki gets handcuffed and escorted away. We’re sure MTV’s cameras will somehow get into the jail and we’ll see Snooki wrapped in a blanket like a little sausage sobbing. They don’t serve pickles in jail — sorry Snooks.

Tune in next week at 10pm ET on MTV for an all-new Jersey Shore!

— Chloe Melas