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Surrogate Mother Told ‘The Deal Is Off’ While 27-Weeks-Pregnant With Twins!

Thu, September 15, 2011 12:12pm EDT by 1 Comment

In a shocking twist, the couple who asked her to be their surrogate mother bolted just three months before Cathleen Hachey was set to give birth to their baby boy AND girl! How horrible is this!

Cathleen Hachey, 20, from New Brunswick, Canada was introduced to a British couple on Surrogate Mothers Online, met them in November, signed a surrogacy contract and talked to them every day for six months. Everything was going smoothly until Cathleen, who had just discovered she was carrying twins, got a text message from the intended mother saying she and her husband split up and that she wasn’t ready to be a single mother. Now, Cathleen, who has two children of her own, was left to decide whether to keep the babies or give them up for adoption.

In the contract, the couple declared that they were the child’s (children’s) legal parents and granted Cathleen $200 per month for pregnancy-related expenses. Due to the wife’s battle with polycystic ovarian syndrome, they also agreed that Cathleen would be a traditional surrogate vs. a gestational surrogate, which means she would use her own egg and the husband’s sperm to conceive. So in fact, the twins she was left with were her biological children and not those of the “legal” mother.

When a 27-weeks-pregnant Cathleen got the dreaded text message saying that the deal was off, she was absolutely shocked. “It said she mentally couldn’t handle herself right now,” Cathleen recalls, “so she didn’t think she could handle two other human beings.”

“They were my biological children so they were my biological problem,” Cathleen tells The Toronto Star. But instead of raising them herself, she eventually found a couple in Nova Scotia who was thrilled to adopt them. Thank God!

This story raises many red flags about the Canadian surrogacy laws and how easily they can be disregarded. These parents abandoned their children via text message! How sick is that? We’re just happy the twins found a loving home and Cathleen found the strength to make sure she made the right decision.

Interestingly enough, this incident hasn’t turned Cathleen off of surrogacy — she plans on carrying another couple’s child in January!

–Leigh Blickley


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