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'Ringer' Recap: Bridget Takes Siobhan's Identity And Finds Out Her 'Dead' Twin Is Pregnant!

Tue, September 13, 2011 10:30pm EDT by 7 Comments

Neither Bridget nor Siobhan are all that they seem!

Sarah Michelle Gellar returned to TV tonight with a bang on Ringer!

Playing twins Bridget and Siobhan, Sarah shines in first leading role on television since Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

But let’s get to the facts and separate what we do know from what we don’t.

What we do know:

A six-month sober (and former prostitute) Bridget is set to testify against serial killer named Macawi. The day before the trial, she runs away, leaving behind her sponsor and possible boyfriend Malcom as well as the two cops who were protecting her. Bridget then meets up with her twin Siobhan, whom she hasn’t seen in six years, in the Hamptons.

During a reconciliatory, boat ride, Bridget falls asleep and Siobhan apparently commits suicide. (More on this later.) Feeling as if there is no alternative, Bridget takes her sister’s identity, goes back to Manhattan and begins living her life with Siobhan’s husband Andrew.

Still following? It gets more complicated.

Bridget finds out that not only was Siobhan having an affair with her best friend Gemma’s husband Kevin, but Siobhan is pregnant, too.

Throw in a drug-addicted, recently kicked-out-of-boarding-school step-daughter Juliet, who hates Siobhan, Bridget learns that her sister’s life wasn’t as perfect as she assumed from the fancy weekend house, the Park Avenue apartment she lived in and the penthouse Andrew was having remodeled.

But Bridget is in for a real surprise when a man attacks her in the unfinished penthouse. She thinks the man is there for her, but after she shoots him, she realizes he wanted Siobhan.

The real kicker is, of course, the big reveal at the end of the episode — Siobhan is alive and in Paris.

What we don’t know:

The source of the sisters’ estrangement is a mystery. Bridget’s attempts to apologize for something in their past were quieted by Siobhan’s protests and not brought up again.

Furthermore, who is the father of Siobhan’s baby? As Kevin pointed out, they had sex a million times while she only slept with Andrew once or twice.

Plus, Bridget pulled out a photo of a blonde boy — who is the child and which twin was in the photo with him?

But back to Andrew, just what exactly is he hiding? Bridget interrupted a very suspicious phone call her twin’s husband was making.

The biggest question, of course, is why did Siobhan fake her own death?

But of course, we couldn’t expect all these mysteries to be unraveled in the first episode. And I for one am certainly looking forward to what happens next. (Oh and if David Boreanaz could make a cameo, my dreams would come true.)

So, HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Ringer?

— Denise Warner

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