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Why New Dads Are FAR Less Likely To Cheat — And It Has Nothing To Do With Loyalty Or Guilty Conscience!

Tue, September 13, 2011 4:26pm EDT by 1 Comment

Researchers have found scientific proof why men who have just become fathers are more faithful!

Scientists have discovered fatherhood reduces testosterone levels in men by as much as A HALF. The hormone drop makes new dads less interested in sex and more interested in looking after their wife and babies! Does this ring true?

More than 600 men in their 20s were studied over a five year period. During that time, a third had children and the researchers watched their testosterone levels plummet as they faced up to parenthood.

The more hands-on the dad was, the more his hormone levels fell!

Testosterone is, of course, known as the ‘sex hormone.’ It makes men more aggressive and more sexually motivated.

Lead researcher Christopher Kuzawa explains the link between testosterone and cheating: “Testosterone boosts behaviors and other traits that help a male compete for a mate.”

Christopher, the head of Anthropology at Northwestern University, adds, “Raising human offspring is such an effort that it is cooperative by necessity, and our study shows that human fathers are biologically wired to help with the job.”