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Russell Armstrong's Sister Says She'll Sue Taylor Armstrong If She Publishes Dirt On Her Brother! Exclusive Details!

Fri, September 9, 2011 9:23pm EDT by 15 Comments

Russell Armstrong’s younger sister, Laurie Kelsoe, tells exclusivelyshe will sue Taylor Armstrong if she writes a book that slanders her brother!

Russell Armstrong’s sister Laurie Kelsoe is furious and disgusted that Taylor Armstrong is planning on writing a book about domestic violence and will include personal photos of herself being battered at the hands of Russell.

“Taylor had better check with our family before writing any type of book disparaging my brother or she will get sued! She is ruthless and a gold-digger!” she tells exclusively.

“I thought she was mourning the loss of Russell, instead she is busy shopping around a book deal and shopping around her story to any media outlet who will pay her. It is so unethical! She said she never filed any police reports when my brother allegedly hit her because she wanted to protect their daughter Kennedy. Well obviously she doesn’t care about protecting Kennedy anymore. She is so desperate for fame and money, she will do and say whatever it takes.”

She adds, “If she says one thing about my brother and domestic violence, I will sue her for slander. None of her allegations have been proven. If she was abused and had to go to the hospital, the hospital will have records. I want to see these records!”

“Tell Taylor, her sister-in-law is going to write a book about psychological abuse and call it “A Hollywood Wannabe Turned Murderer!”

Do YOU think Taylor should be writing tell-all book so soon after Russell’s suicide? Sound off below.

Sandra Clark