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HollyBaby Bloggers Sarah & Neil Need Your Help! What Are Your Essential Baby-Proofing Must-Haves?

Tue, September 6, 2011 3:45pm EDT by 2 Comments

With summer ending and fall upon us, HollyBaby bloggers Sarah and Neil begin to build a ‘nest’ for their baby. But it’s proving a bit more challenging than they thought.

It’s one of the toughest things to do before your new addition arrives — baby-proofing your house! And‘s Sarah Main & Neil Eggleton are struggling with the basics — like what to do with the cat & kitty litter! Can you help?

Most people talk about the fact that once a woman becomes pregnant she begins to “nest.” However, I think it’s once a woman gets married. I had never looked at a china pattern or flatware with quite as much enthusiasm as I did once we registered for our wedding. On top of that, I still look forward to when we entertain so I can pull out all my fine china and crystal glasses. I figured prepping for the baby would be just as exciting. But nesting for a baby is VERY different.

I now have to find a “safe and secure” location for my wine glasses. Before, I had always hoped they would be in the most convenient location to the door when walking in from a particularly hellish day at work. Our liquor cabinet has always been an open storage cupboard, but I’m pretty sure Child Protective Services wouldn’t approve of the Bombay Sapphire themed nursery. So as I look around our Brooklyn apartment it has become a “Sophie’s Choice” of items from our pre-baby life.

One item I am very happy to include in our home is our family crib. It was mine when I was born and has remained in the family for many (no, I’m not going to say HOW many) years. However with time comes wear and tear and a few safety regulations that have been updated. So the next few weekends will be spent power sanding off old paint and turning a drop side crib into a secure “fortress of sleep” I just hope the baby likes it!

So HollyBaby Moms, what are the nesting items you just had to have with your little one? And what are the “adult items” you refused to get rid of with a bambino on the way?

Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer, and the holiday weekend has usually been greeted in the Eggleton household as reason to get out the house, enjoy the last of the warm weather, host a barbeque or a picnic in the park.

So come Friday, I was so excited to leave the office and start…sanding down baby furniture. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but Sarah’s father had sent the crib that she had used as a baby, and it needed some serious renovation. What followed was a crash course in the difference between various palm-held and random orbit sanders, and how to make a drop-side crib into one with fixed sides. I’m sure that a new crib would have been a lot easier and would have left me at least one day to relax or play golf, but the crib has sentimental value, and I’m now learning that you can never win an argument with a pregnant lady.

Regardless of whether the crib was done or not, there’s a list of other upgrades that need to take place before baby arrives. Probably the first thing is to pack off to storage all the stuff that is going to be superfluous to our new lifestyle; Sarah will be happy that the water skis are going to be pulled out of hibernation from the back of my closet, but that also means her shoe and handbag collections are about to be pared back from Imelda Marcos level of exuberance.

The one thing I am not sure of is how to “baby-proof” an apartment. I know we will need to put catches on the cupboard doors, we should probably move the alcohol into a closed cabinet, and consideration needs to go into what to do with the cat litter (one of my re-occurring nightmares involves the baby crawling into the litter tray), but what else needs to be done? Thanksgiving Day is less than three months away and that’s a four-day holiday! I could use some help HollyDads, what handy safety protectors are a “must”?

–Sarah Main and Neil Eggleton

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