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'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Kasey Takes Off Vienna's Ring & Blake Denies Erica!

Tue, September 6, 2011 9:05am EDT by 2 Comments

Do you think Erica & Blake deserved to go home this week?

The Sept. 5 episode of ABC’s Bachelor Pad featured a super-awkward Newlywed-style game, where the women answered questions the way they thought their male counterparts would. Needless to say, we all learned something.

Vienna and Kasey thought they had it in the bag, but little did they know, it’s all about strategy. Maybe they shouldn’t have gone to bed so early the night before, because Graham and Michelle came up with a great one!

Somehow, the whole competition came down to them and the couple who knew each other the least — Erica and Blake — leaving poor Vienna and Kasey in dead last. She busted out her trademark crazy eyes and looked like she was going to kill him!

(Side note: What’s up with Kasey calling these other men snakes? To be fair, though, Blake does rhyme with snake.)

Graham and Michelle’s strategy of always answering with the number seven worked to their advantage — it was, however, kind of ridiculous for Graham and Michelle to pretend he first had sex when he was seven — and Erica and Blake come in second.

Graham and Michelle got to watch a private movie screening in the pool, and of course they spent the whole time making out. (Gotta love those two love birds; best looking couple in the house, by far.

Blake and Erica’s date, on the other hand, was too awkward and painful to watch. Her lips didn’t help her this week, so she trie sexy lingerie, but Blake still isn’t attracted to her — and it’s so obvious. On their date, they got two roses they could give to save another couple, and they ended up picking Vienna and Kasey! This left Ella and Kirk heartbroken, because they really did deserve it. What made them think the snake himself would really keep them safe?

I guess Kasey needed it after he threw off Vienna’s ring and threatened to leave since the drama queen herself wouldn’t have sex with him in the house. All he wanted to do was snuggle — and he eventually got his way with his ultimatum. Kasey has no charm or class, which he proved by threatening Blake and Erica for the rose. Seriously, how dumb can that Texan lawyer be?

Erica and Blake got the boot, and even though Holly sealed their fate, she secretly gave Blake a love letter. (What are we, in high school? Vomit.) She sent him home because she didn’t want to see Mike knock out his teeth. She needs Blake to save his pearly whites for her — and for finale night.

What do YOU think: Did Erica and Blake make a huge mistake? Will Holly start dating Blake? Does Ella need the money the most? Drop a comment!

— Debbie Goldberg