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Should You Trust Your Man To Behave On A Boys Night Out Like Kristen Stewart Does Robert Pattinson?

Wed, August 31, 2011 7:11pm EDT by 17 Comments

Does your man deserve the benefit of the doubt on a night out?

Kristen Stewart has been shooting Snow White and the Hunstman in England while her longtime boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, has been hanging out in her hometown of Los Angeles. She doesn’t seem concerned that he’ll cheat, despite the fact that he’s been enjoying his time off by partying with pals. Should you be as trusting as Kristen is?

While K-Stew, 21, is hard at work, R-Patz, 25, has been behaving himself, as he did at West Hollywood hotspot Soho House Aug. 29. “Rob came in with friends and there were no girls with them,” a source exclusively tells, adding, “He was in his own area with his buddies and they didn’t really talk to anyone else the whole time. They had beers, some food and ice cream.”

The Twilight co-stars have been together since they shot the series’ second film, New Moon, together. Rob is rarely seen with other women, and there’s no question as to whether or not he’s completely devoted to his girlfriend; the British star is a man in love.

But should you trust your guy as Kristen trusts hers? That depends on the guy in question!

Think about his past. Does he have a history of cheating? Is he a flirt? Does he check out other women in front of you? Are his male friends single? Are they bad influences on him? Does he tend to get too drunk, making his night hazy?

Being too trusting is foolish, but so is not trusting at all. You don’t want jealousy or a lack of trust to ruin your relationship, but unless you’ve known him forever and are 100% sure he wouldn’t step out on you, it’s naive to believe that he would never do you wrong.

Be casual and cool; let him have his boys nights out. Don’t be a jealous harpy and don’t grill him about what he got up to when he was away from you. However, if he starts acting guilty or shady about his whereabouts, you might have cause for concern.


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