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HollyBaby Bloggers Sarah & Neil Want YOU To Choose A Name For Their Baby Boy!

Tue, August 30, 2011 4:28pm EDT by 18 Comments

Sarah and Neil have started the search for the perfect baby boy name. Kingston? Ryder? Zuma? Bentley? Bear? They need your suggestions!

Now that they know the gender of their unborn child, bloggers Sarah and Neil are finding themselves stumped on a name. Can you readers help?
Last week, we found out the gender of our baby, so the next step was easy, just deciding on the name for our little boy. We had our secret baby names for a boy and a girl, so I was pretty sure that it would be a simple case of choosing one of a half dozen agreed names for a second name and we would be done. What I’m not sure on is how we got to be sitting in a traffic jam for an hour and half on a Friday night, going through a book of baby names, and only getting from Z to T.

I’m sure I could trace the root of the issue back to the 3-D picture from the ultrasound – in Sarah’s opinion, the baby just didn’t look like the name we had agreed on a long time prior to getting pregnant, although that could be another source of the conflict, the fact that the name had been bouncing around for so long. In my opinion, the name checks the boxes on the baby-naming checklist: it is classic yet not flavor-of-the-month, there is a link to an older relative, it is a shorter name (to go with a longer surname), and as far as we can tell there are no ex-boyfriends in Sarah’s past or playground bullies in my past that share the name. Plus it just sounds like a name that I can visualize calling my son, or so I thought.

Whatever the source of the contention, I was obviously being closed-minded, and rather than argue the rationality of it with a pregnant woman, we pulled out the baby names book as we tried to escape Hurricane Irene through the Holland Tunnel.

As if traffic jams are not bad enough, having every name beginning with the letter Z really makes it feel like death by a thousand cuts. However, the experience was educational and there were a couple of take-aways. First rule of baby-naming, if you cannot pronounce the name, it’s probably not the right name for your child. Second rule of baby naming is that it’s not a cut-and-dry process, it seems that this will be a lively topic of conversation all the way up to when our little boy is born, and probably beyond. And we haven’t even started to canvas opinions from friends and family yet.

The reassuring part of this is that of all the parents that I have spoken to, none have regretted choosing the name that they ended up giving to their child, so is a light at the end of this particular tunnel…. Much like the Holland at 5pm on Friday.

I always thought that when the time came I would know exactly what the baby’s name would be. Since we were convinced we were having a girl we really only focused on that, and I’m pretty sure that name was locked and loaded. Once we found out Baby BOY Eggleton was on the way all bets were off.

When Neil and I were still dating, long before joint tax returns and living in Brooklyn, he told me that he had two “secret baby names” that he liked; One boy’s name and one girl’s name. I don’t think I realized at the time that those were the ONLY names he liked.

Once we saw the 3-D sonogram, I became unsure about what the baby’s name should be. We had a few “guidelines” we wanted to stick to, but other than that I was at a total loss. So out came the baby name book, and I have to say…. It really didn’t help. Half the names I couldn’t pronounce or understand. The other half was just one name with a letter changed (Example: James turned into Tames). It probably didn’t help that we decided to go through the book backwards as well. There aren’t a whole lot of X names I like.

So I’m turning to you HollyBaby Readers… We tend to lean towards shorter first names. We like classic, but current is fine. We don’t want to just name our baby a word, the name should be a name people have at least heard once before. (Apple and Pippa will NOT be considered) So….. we’re open to suggestions, tell us your thoughts.

–Neil Eggleton and Sarah Main

–Sarah Main and Neil Eggleton

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