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'Big Brother' Recap: Jeff Gets The Boot! Can You Believe It?

Fri, August 26, 2011 4:00pm EDT by 4 Comments

Another insane week in the house! Who do you think should get the boot next?

OMG! Could Shelly be a worse role model for her daughter, Josie? She is the MOST two-faced, back-stabbing liar in the house! Whatever happened to just happened to her final-three deal with Jeff and Jordan?

Everyone in the house is still scared they’re just writing Jeff a check this summer, since he’s HOH. And according to the red-head with the furry boots — otherwise known as Brenchel’s other half — “floaters, grab a life vest!” (Sounds like it’s time for Adam, Porsche and Shelly to either sink or swim! Jeff gave Kalhia a taste of her own medicine, forcing her to fight for her life on the block! He put her second BFF Porsche next to her, since she’s done nothing since day one and really needed to prove herself.

The zing-bot returned, and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying, other than he’s not surprised Jeff hasn’t proposed to Jordan yet since she’s so bad at answering hard questions! Jeff ended up winning the POV, but totally went against his word, taking Porsche off the block and replacing her with Dani! With two of the biggest allies in the house now against each other, Kalhia realized that Dani was the real target — and a huge threat.

By a vote of three to two, it was Dani’s turn to grab her bag, hug it out and meet Julie Chen on the other side. Oh, and soon she’ll be joining Brendon! (Wonder how they will get along since she single-handedly ruined his chance of the $500K by cutting the head off the zombie twice. What is this, The Walking Dead?)

Kalhia was hanging on by a string even before the second HOH competition. It was time for this season’s memory game, which they have every summer, and Jordan and Kalhia were the last two standing. (Dani would have been so proud to know that her BFF Kalhia won and that the tables have turned!) Of course, Kalhia nominated Rachel and Jeff, since she made a promise to never nominate Jordan.

The two pros fought for their lives in the POV, where they had to find their pair of shoes — hidden under balls — one at a time. Rachel had a strong lead, but of course her ‘frenemy’ Porsche FINALLY won something! She and her pink Juicy Couture sweat suit jumped for joy! I (hope no one got to smell her, since she hadn’t changed in what seemed like days!)

Jeff ended up getting voted out, and even before his bags were packed, he cursed at Shelly and everyone cried like babies! (I wonder what Brendon, Dani and Jeff will do in the jury house. Maybe the guys will gang up on Dani… or all get along! (I still can’t believe the three best players are out of the competition.)

Six house guests left! Who do YOU think will win HOH next? And more importantly, who do you want to see evicted?

— Debbie Goldberg