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'Excuse Me, WHAT!?' — HollyBaby Bloggers Sarah & Neil Find Out The Sex Of Their Baby!

Tue, August 23, 2011 4:26pm EDT by 3 Comments

With new technology out allowing parents to know the baby’s gender at seven weeks, will the excitement of the reveal become a thing of the past? The way our HollyBaby bloggers tell it, we doubt it!

So A Family Grows in Brooklyn readers, are YOU ready for the big reveal? Sarah & Neil found out the sex of their baby! Read more to see if Baby Eggleton is a boy or a girl!


We are now in the twentieth week of the pregnancy, so today Sarah and I went to Lenox Hill Hospital for the Level 2 Ultrasound. Sarah had had this one marked on the calendar for some while, and had even sent me an Outlook invite so that there would be no chance of me double-booking with a meeting.

The Level 2 Ultrasound is primarily to check that the anatomy of the fetus is developing normally, but we were excited, as we knew we would be coming away with confirmation of our long-held belief that we were going to be having a baby girl.

Going in for the scan, neither of us had a great preference for the sex of our baby, just the hope that all was proceeding on track and the baby was healthy, but for reasons mostly related to family history and gut feeling, our selection of wallpaper samples featured flowers, butterflies and fairies in various shades of pink.

The examination began with the ultrasound technician liberally applying jelly to Sarah’s bump, and then started by looking at the baby’s bone structure. It was a little shocking at one point — during one of the views of the baby’s head, I thought we would be having a baby Skeletor. However, that was nothing compared to the surprise when the technician switched the monitor to a 3D view of the baby’s face – seeing the baby’s face as clearly as that really makes your heart jump and I was not expecting to be so emotionally taken.

So the scan moved over the rest of the baby’s body and everything seemed to be going smoothly; heartbeat strong, spine in good order, there are the kidneys, all the toes and leg bones accounted for, and there is the penis… My first thought was — oh my god, our baby girl has a penis! When it dawned on me that our baby girl was actually going to be a baby boy, I was excited, but not nearly as excited as Sarah was. I still stand by my mantra that all I wish for is a healthy baby, and I was most excited when the doctor had examined the scans and confirmed that everything was going smoothly.

I would say that looking back on the day, I feel as though the way we found out was a little anti-climatic — “and there is the penis” — as opposed to something akin to a golden envelope being opened at the Oscars, but our own excitement that we shared more than made up for it.

Next up — wallpaper shopping. Should we go cars and trucks, or dinosaurs?

Since the day we found out we were pregnant we both felt pretty confident that we would be having a girl. We focused on girls’ names, looked mostly at girls interior design elements for the nursery and even referred to the baby as “she” on more than one occasion.

With the anatomy scan on the calendar for the last few weeks I began to wonder, “Will I be upset if this doesn’t go how I plan.” (This was in the pregnant Carry Bradshaw voice in my head obviously.)

Because there are only 3,963,296 things to worry about during your pregnancy I decided to add in another factor “What if they tell me one gender and I suddenly realize I wanted the other?” This growing fear crept up on me for a few weeks. I’m the type of person who shakes my Christmas presents… I don’t do well with surprises. (Ask Neil about the “luggage incident of 2009”). I also began to feel like I would be a bad parent for realizing that I really DID have a preference a little too late.

When we walked into the exam room the ultrasound tech asked a series of questions: “How old are you?” “Is this your first child?” “Would you like to know the gender?” I basically yelled, “YES!” After looking at image after image of bones, internal organs, blood, penis…….. WAIT, WHAT!? Yes: penis.

I cried.

Tears of pure pure joy. I suddenly realized that this was exactly what I wanted. I was going to be the proud mother to a son.

I spent the whole rest of the day walking around New York with “pudding face,” you know, the huge grin. This is the first boy in my family for three generations. I cannot wait for him to get here!

Neil Eggleton and Sarah Main

–Sarah Main and Neil Eggleton

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