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Kate Gosselin Says She's Scared For Her Future Now That 'Kate Plus 8' Is Canceled!

Mon, August 22, 2011 11:25am EDT by Chloe Melas 18 Comments

No one knows what’s next for the Gosselin family — not even Kate! Do you think she should be so worried?

Kate Gosselin is definitely losing sleep over her recent unemployment and we don’t blame her. The mom-of-eight took to her Twitter over the weekend to banter with fans over the uncertainty of her future and her concern that she won’t be able to provide for her eight little ones!

“@Kateplusmy8 It’s just a chapter in the past, but don’t close the book, just turn the page,” a fan tweeted to Kate. “The next chapter will be better than the last.”

Kate immediately responded with: “@Livin4LifeLove I sure hope ur right! I don’t like this ‘treading in unknown territory feeling’. It’s scary … But alas I remain positive!”

The reality mom’s loyal “tweeties” continued to offer their support and well wishes throughout the night and Kate did her best to reassure them: “@PeggyScot very kind and thank you! It will not be good bye-I promise! :) I have 8 kids to feed:)& I know how u guys feel– I’ll do u proud!”

Despite the unfortunate timing, Kate is busy enjoying the last week of summer with her kiddies.

“GM all!Enjoying last wk of summer sleep ins.I can’t believe summer is almost over–again!I wait all yr, then POOF it’s gone!:( Hav a gd day!”

Kate even revealed that she and her kids had a photo shoot for People over the weekend where they gave their final interviews — how sad!

But it’s not over yet — a brand new episode of Kate Plus 8 airs tonight on TLC so if you’re getting nostalgic, tune in!

— Chloe Melas

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