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Should You Ever Reconnect With An Ex If He's Just Gotten Out Of Another Relationship As Taylor Lautner May Be With Taylor Swift?

Thu, August 18, 2011 12:11pm EDT by 18 Comments

Do you dare to be the rebound?

Although it didn’t work out for Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner the first time around, the two have remained amicable — a rarity in Hollywood. But now that his relationship with Abduction co-star Lily Collins is reportedly cooling off, the Breaking Dawn wereboy is said to want his ex back. Should she even consider going back there again?

After reconnecting at the Teen Choice Awards recently, 19-year-old Taylor L. allegedly pulled out all the stops to win back his former girlfriend‘s heart — knowing full well what a sap for romance she is.

“She was gushing to friends about how much fun they had [at the Teen Choice Awards],” says Star magazine, who adds that the event wasn’t a surprise run-in: the two have been talking for weeks. “They first got together several weeks ago over the phone and e-mail after Taylor reached out to her.”

The 21-year-old country singer may want to be careful with her heart, though.  According to the magazine “he’s been down because his relationship with Lily Collins is cooling off.”

Meaning: his love affair with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart‘s Snow White rival isn’t completely over yet. Red alert!

If Taylor had already made a clean break with Lily, 22, then this is one particular case where I don’t think reconnecting with an ex would be a bad thing. The two seemed pretty loved up after meeting on the set of Valentine’s Day in 2009, and their cutesy story practically wrote itself. The didn’t split because of anything fundamentally wrong with their relationship; they were simply too busy and too young to sustain a long-distance, long-term love. Indeed, according to Star, “he always felt terrible about the way things ended.”

However, if things are merely “cooling down” then Taylor needs to cool down on her enthusiasm regarding her ex. It he and Lily are a) genuinely together and b) it’s almost over and c) he’s all about Taylor, then she needs to put her foot down until he makes up his mind; he can’t play two women at once.

For those of you who are not Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner (re: the rest of you), I would never advise you to get back together with an ex if he’s just broken up with a girlfriend. You’ve already been the GF and had your own breakup, thank you very much — so why would you want to be the rebound girl?

The reason he’s going back to you is all down to his comfort level. You’re like his favorite, worn-out Chuck All-Star. He might get rid of you one day when you start showing holes, but for now you’ll do — until he sees a brand new pair of Nikes he likes better, that is.

You don’t deserve to be treated like an old shoe, so make sure that if you do get back with an ex, that you’re aware and wary of what might happen in the very near future.


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