Russell Armstrong's Dad Reveals Taylor Armstrong And His Family Will Split Son Russell's Ashes And Have Two Memorial Services

Russell Armstrong's father Louie Armstrong tells about Taylor's plans to divide Russell's ashes following his cremation, and reveals he doesn't even know when the Beverly Hills funeral will be! Taylor Armstrong has reportedly been fighting with Russell Armstrong's family over whether or not Russell's remains would stay in LA or Texas. We spoke with Russell Armstrong's father Louie, who resides in Texas, and he tells us, "My grandson Austin spoke to Taylor and Taylor said they are going to have the funeral in Beverly Hills."

The distraught father continues, “It was Russell’s wishes to be cremated, so Taylor said she would give our family most of the ashes and that she would keep some. Once we get Russell’s ashes, we will have a memorial for him here in Texas.”

So will Russell’s family attend the funeral service held in LA? “I hope to go to the funeral in Beverly Hills but I still don’t know when it is going to be. I have not spoken to Taylor.”

Louie adds that he feels “terrible, just terrible” over his son’s suicide.

Russell’s sister Laurie Kelsoe spoke with us yesterday about how shocked the family was over Russell’s death, particularly since he said he didn’t consider suicide an option. She also revealed how she thinks Russell’s anger issues started.

TMZ reports Bravo will not be filming Russell’s funeral services. A decision still hasn’t been made about footage of Russell in the new season.

Hopefully Taylor and Russell’s family can resolve their issues now that a decision has been made over his final resting place, and they can sort out whether or not his family will come to LA for his funeral. This must be so devastating for everyone involved.

Reporting by Sandra Clark

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