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This Supersized Single Mom Is On A Disgusting Mission To Become The Fattest Woman EVER!

Thu, August 18, 2011 2:42pm EDT by 3 Comments
This Supersized Single Mom Is On A Disgusting Mission To Become The Fattest Woman EVER!

Experts tell that the 32-year-old is killing herself and could ruin her two children’s lives too!

Susanne Eman already weighs a gargantuan 730 pounds and she’s stuffing her face with a vomit-inducing 20,000 calories-a-day diet to reach her goal of 1,600 pounds! Doctors are begging her to STOP before she kills herself and leaves her sons Gabriel, 16 and Brendin, 12, without a mom!

“My next goal is to be 800 pounds by the end of the year,” the 32-year-old, from Arizona, says.

“At my current rate of growth, I should be 1600lbs by age 41 or 42.”

“I’d love to find out if it’s humanly possible to reach a ton (2,000 pounds). Previous record holder was 1,600lbs, so I have to be at least that.”

She’s referring to Carol Yager, from Flint, Michiga, who is estimated to have weighted more than 1600 pounds at her heaviest. Carol died in 1994, aged just 34.

Bizarely, despite her size, Susanne still considers herself to be healthy… and beautiful!

“The bigger I get, the better I feel. I feel more confident and sexy. I noticed I actually started attracting more men, and it made me feel good,” she says. “Why shouldn’t I push the limits and see how fat I can get and stay healthy?’

There’s a simple answer to that, Susanne — because you’re killing yourself!

Dr Patrick Flite explains, “She’s really playing Russian roulette with her life with this goal. There are well-documented complications that come with morbid obesity.

“I would never encourage anyone to be doing what Susanne is doing.”

Susanne is also setting a terrible example to her sons.‘s Dr Jeff Gadere tells, “She’s giving the wrong message and putting her children at risk of repeating the same destructive behavior. This woman has both a moral and a health obligation. The health is to save her own life long enough to raise her children because it is almost a self-suicide.”

What do you think, HollyMoms? Does anyone agree with Susanne’s self-destructive quest?

Should child services step in and take her kids into care? Surely no mom that size can properly look after children!

Weigh in and vote!

— Ian Garland

Reporting by Michael Emer

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