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Demi Lovato Tripped TWICE During Her Performance At The Do Something! Awards — What A Near Disaster!

Tue, August 16, 2011 2:36am EDT by 8 Comments

Demi Lovato’s first performance since treatment sounded flawless, but an eyewitness tells Demi struggled twice with her long dress…and almost ate it!

Just like Christina Aguilera at the Grammy Awards this year, Demi Lovato had two very close encounters to falling flat on her face at the Do Something! Awards in Hollywood Aug. 14 — but she didn’t let them affect her performance at all!

“Demi’s long, beautiful dress got caught in one of her violinist’s chairs when she was walking on stage to sing ‘Skyscraper,'” an audience member tells “She noticed some of us giving her the thumbs up and returned the thumbs up and smiled.”

Something like that would be enough to phase any performer, but Demi, 18, is a seasoned professional and didn’t react negatively at all. Instead, the former Disney darling went on to belt out a stunning rendition of her single and amaze the crowd with her first performance since treatment.

Unfortunately, the drama didn’t end there.

“Demi fell again as she was walking off stage. She tripped on her dress and fell backward!” our source says. “She quickly got back up. Most people didn’t see, but some of us started clapping when she got back up. We gave her big hearts with our hands and she did the same!”

Over all, Demi’s performance was considered a big success — but it didn’t happen without its hiccups. We applaud Demi for staying focused and confident…even when her costume got in the way!

Reporting by Shawn Evans