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6 New Pics From 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 3: Damon & Elena Walk Arm-In-Arm, And More!

Fri, August 12, 2011 10:22am EDT by Andy Swift 16 Comments

Check out the new pics & video, then join me as I analyze the crap out of them!

As a thank-you for helping The Vampire Diaries win five Teen Choice Awards, The CW put together a little video for the fans — and it’s bursting with footage from the show’s upcoming third season! Not only do we get a glimpse of Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) walking arm-in-arm at her birthday party, but we also see Stefan (Paul Wesley) in “ripper” mode!

OK, wild speculation time!

Stefan’s “open-mouth” look: Stefan is clearly walking next to someone in this shot, and though we can’t see who it is, my money is on Klaus (Joseph Morgan.) As we know, Stefan will be Klaus’ little blood puppet this season (at least at the beginning, anyway.) Though I’d prefer to think Stefan is watching Damon with Elena at her birthday party and he’s all, “OMG, No! Stelena forever!”

Damon & Elena’s moment at the mirror: As a “Delena” shipper extraordinaire, I’d love to say this is a fully romantic scene for the couple — but in the interest of being realistic, for once, I’m going to say this is simply a consoling moment. Elena is probably just upset that Stefan is still M.I.A. and she’s not exactly in the partying mood. So being the good guy that he is, Damon is trying to lift her spirits (not that he isn’t enjoying the idea of having Elena all to himself.)

Damon & Elena walking arm-in-arm: The consoling continues! Since Elena isn’t in the partying mood, Damon probably says something like, “Look, I’ll be by your side the whole night. Try to have fun!” It’ll be a lot like when he tried to lift her spirits at the 1960s Decade Dance… then helped her best friend fake her death.

Watch the full video below, and drop YOUR ridiculous theories in the comments section:

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— Andy Swift

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