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Kristen Stewart Has Way More Confidence Around Robert Pattinson Then She Does Alone, Reveals Top Body Language Expert!

Fri, August 12, 2011 3:43pm EDT by Chloe Melas 21 Comments

When Kristen is in interviews solo, she looks down, has her shoulders hunched and acts insecure. But when she’s around Rob, she lights up!

Is Kristen Stewart the best version of herself when beau Robert Pattinson is around? spoke with Beverly Hills based body language expert Dr. Lilian Glass who seems to think so. She tells us that although Kristen looks unbelievable on W Magazine’s Fashion Issue, her behind-the-scenes video from the shoot says something entirely different.

Not only does Dr. Glass find Kristen to be uncomfortable with fame, she finds Kristen to be a very insecure girl.

“There’s no confidence. This shows you the magic of illusion,” Dr. Glass says in reference to the gorgeous W photo spread. “Kristen looks down, plays with her hair, has a monotone voice, something happened in her childhood, she is so insecure and so unconscious and she is just very very stuttering stammering thinking looking down all the time, angry.”

But when we asked Dr. Glass to look at the photos of Kristen with Rob on the set of Breaking Dawn, she was shocked! In pictures taken in between takes while the on-and-off screen couple were filming their honeymoon in Brazil, Kristen is constantly smiling, laughing, and her confidence soars!

“Rob brings out the best in her and he makes her laugh and we never see her laugh,” Dr. Glass says. “She has her hands over her mouth because she’s not used to doing laughing like this and he leans right into her. He has a lot of power over her, she’s an uptight young lady. Kristen is stiff, rounded shoulders, she doesn’t feel comfortable and Rob mixes it up for her. Their chemistry is amazing and it shows they’re great friends as well as lovers!”

— Chloe Melas

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