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'Teen Wolf' Recap: Scott Gets Shot & Allison Finally Makes Some Furry Friends!

Tue, August 2, 2011 8:00am EDT by Andy Swift 10 Comments

It was a night of revelations, confrontations, and — thanks to Stiles — awkward teen moments aplenty!

The Alpha Wolf proved his bark is just as strong as his bite on the Aug. 1 episode of Teen Wolf by playing some hardcore mind games with Scott (Tyler Posey.) It turns out he’ll do anything to get our furry friend to join his pack, including taking Scott’s mom out to dinner — and putting her on the menu.

But when he wasn’t saving his mom from the big bad wolf, Scott was busy trying to get back into Allison’s (Crystal Reed) pants… I mean, her good graces! After a cute little moment in the woods — he finally told her he “found” that necklace he stole from her — she surprised him by showing up to his house for “the talk.” Sadly, their reunion was cut short when Scott and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) had to go be heroes and rescue Scott’s mom.

And while Allison spent the episode getting closer to Scott, her dad spent it getting closer to Jackson (Colton Haynes.) He less-than-subtly asked him about the scratch on his neck, and was about to press him for more info. before Scott and Stiles showed up to save the day — once again!

Allison also got a lesson in “be careful what you wish for” this week, when dear sweet Aunt Kate (Jill Wagner) finally revealed the Argent family secret to her. At the very end of the episode, Kate took Allison down to their secret basement, where Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) was chained up in all his wolf-y glory. So I guess it’s safe to say she knows about werewolves now — but how long will it be before she learns about Scott, too?

Is anyone else really starting to like Jackson now that he’s immersed in all this wolf business? It sucks that he has to be such a jerk, but his desire to get Scott’s powers — and the lengths he’s willing to go to in order to get them — are revealing new layers to his character, and I’m really enjoying the discovery process. Well done, Colton.

Now let’s take a minute to pity Lydia (Holland Roden.) Aside from Scott’s mom, Lydia is one of the only characters left on the show that still thinks everyone in Beacon Hills is human. And since we learned this week that “knowledge is power,” I’m afraid that a lack of knowledge might equal… a dead Lydia.

The episode ended with a shoot-out at Derek’s crib, one that left Scott bleeding in the middle of the woods. And when he finally came to, he was on the operating table at that creepy veterinarian’s office. Looks like he specializes in more than just dogs and cats.

OK, your turn to talk. What did you think of last night’s episode? How long will it take for Allison to make Scott her next target? And is Lydia destined to remain totally clueless?

— Andy Swift

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