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'Switched At Birth' Recap: Daphne Finally Comes Clean About Her Feelings For Bay! Do You Think They'd Make A Good Couple?

Tue, August 2, 2011 7:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

Do you think everyone should forgive Regina for lying to them, or was her betrayal too deep?

Tonight on Switched at Birth Daphne, Bay, and the Kennishes were still furious with Regina for keeping her secret for so many years. And Bay and Daphne each received a car for their birthdays from the Kennishes, much to Regina’s chagrin. Bay told Emmett she’s the artist behind the “axe girl” paintings all over the city, and she finally met Melody. Then Emmett tried to help Bay place her painting on a huge billboard — but they ended up almost getting arrested!

Being the romantic that he is, however, Emmett managed to get her painting up there just in time for her birthday. Meanwhile, Melody wasn’t too happy to learn that Emmett is dating a “hearing” girl, especially because she thinks Emmett is sneaking around behind his mother’s back. Finally, Daphne admitted to herself — and Bay — that she likes Emmett as more than a friend, right before Bay was going to tell Daphne about her relationship with him.

I think the Kennishes have a right to still be angry at Regina. She kept the most vital part of their life from them for 13 years, not to mention Daphne and Bay’s part in all of this. They both should feel betrayed. I sympathize a little with Regina, but only because both her daughters have turned against her. She’s finally been been flung off her pedestal.

However, I do think it was a little harsh of Mr. Kennish to object to Regina coming to the birthday dinner. As she said, she’s never missed one of Daphne’s birthdays, and even if she has told many lies, she is still part of the whole, new extended family. She deserved to see both of her daughters turn 16.

I’m also really upset with Melanie’s rejection of Bay. She barely knows the girl, yet is prejudiced against her because Bay can hear. She’s being extremely discriminatory. If Melanie really wants the best for her son, she should let him be with the girl he really likes. Bay is Melanie’s best friend’s biological daughter, after all. Emmett should also be entitled to go to speech therapy. He seems to genuinely want it.

I understand why Regina was upset about the Kennishes getting Daphne a car, which is a pricey present for a 16 year old. However, the Kennishes have a right to provide for their daughter in any way they prefer.

Lastly, I hope that a cat fight doesn’t erupt in the season finale between Bay and Daphne. Bay and Emmett should have told Daphne about their relationship sooner, but I do think Bay had first dibs. She has only known Emmett for a few months and has romantic feelings for him. Daphne has known him for years and has just realized it. Bay and Emmett should definitely stay together, regardless of Daphne.

What do YOU think?

— Flora Collins