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Girls As Young As FIVE Are Being Hospitalized With Severe Anorexia! Are Super-Thin Celebs To Blame?

Mon, August 1, 2011 12:36pm EDT by 1 Comment

Experts fear an anorexia epidemic among VERY YOUNG children, after shocking new figures show how many tiny tots are obsessed with their weight!

Almost 200 kids aged between five and nine were treated for eating disorders in the UK in the last three years! And that’s just the severe cases who were admitted to the hospital! The figures get worse — nearly 400 kids aged 10 to 12 were hospitalized in the same period and a staggering 1,500 between 13 and 15!

The stats have been released by Britain’s National Health Service, and doctors and nutritionists fear the problem is only going to get worse — as kids increasingly idolize stick-thin superstars.

The problem is particularly worrying when it comes to pre-pubescent girls — experts claim some girls are so scared of developing curves during puberty, they starve themselves!

Susan Ringwood, the head of eating disorder charity Beat, reveals, “The ideal figure promoted for women these days is that of a girl, not an adult women. Girls see the pictures in magazines of extremely thin women and think that is how they should be.”

“That can leave them fearful of puberty, and almost trying to stave it off.”

Does this scare you, HollyMoms? Do you blame celebrities for this worrying trend?

— Ian Garland

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