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'Teen Mom' Recap: Maci Moves Out Of Kyle's House & Amber Is Investigated By Child Protective Services!

Wed, July 27, 2011 6:37am EDT by 5 Comments

Big things are happening for the Teen Moms this week! Farrah continues to fight for Sophia’s rights, Maci makes a big decision to simplify her life, and Amber is about to face Child Protective Services! And let’s not forget about Catelynn and her mom finally starting to make peace!

On the July 26 episode, Maci meets with her academic advisor to discuss her future plans. Things have been complicated for her since she must drive two hours to and from school everyday. Her dad is not thrilled at her decision to live in Nashville with Kyle and she realizes it makes sense to move home. She finds an apartment for herself and Bentley and Kyle quits his job to go with them.Farrah needs to go to court to settle things with Derek’s mom. She meets with his stepmom and explains the situation and she fully supports Farrah’s decision. His mother fires back and her lawyer calls for a hearing but her (Farrah’s) mom says going is the best way to prevent her from getting visitation rights to Sophia. All goes well in court and Farrah, her mother, and Derek’s stepmom are very happy with the decision.

 Amber is meeting with Child Protective Services about how her fighting with Gary may cause her to lose Leah. She wants Leah to have a good life and grow up to do the right things. Her meeting was moved to the police apartment and Amber fears arrest.

 Catelynn and Tyler have lunch with Bush and Tyler explains the family needs counseling.  She tries to reach out to her mother and at first it doesn’t work but after a second time she agrees to go. They both fear they will never have a relationship and neither one of them want that.

Next week we have to look forward to Catelynn and Tyler looking for jobs, Farrah is getting ready to graduate, and Maci fights with Ryan over Bentley. Amber also breaks down about how she wants to be with Leah.

What did you think of tonight’s episode, Hollymoms?