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Kat Von D Was 'Super Rude' To Employees When Storming Out Of Live Interview At Good Day LA, Says Eyewitness

Wed, July 27, 2011 6:00pm EDT by 10 Comments

Kat Von D threw a hissy fit and ran out of a live interview today just as she was being introduced because the anchor mentioned her split with Jesse James… and after she left the hosts went off about her! Watch the videos.

Don’t mention the name “Jesse James” around Kat Von D, she may freak out. The anchors at Good Day LA presented a clip, sent to them by TLC and presumably approve by Kat, of her show LA Ink which featured her getting a tattoo of Jesse’s face on it as a gift to him. Awkward, considering they have now called off their engagement! When Kat realized they mentioned her split with Jesse, she ran out of the building. We spoke to an eyewitness who was there.

“Kat stormed down the hallway and I was really confused because she was supposed to be on set,” says our source. “She asked me, ‘Where’s the exit?!’ and was super rude.”

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But was she friendlier before anchor Jeff Michael mentioned her broken engagement? “She was pretty cold the entire time she was on set,” our insider reveals.

Our source tells us everyone was extremely upset about Kat walking out, especially since she had only told the news anchors they weren’t allowed to ask about Sandra Bullock or Michelle McGee. Apparently during a commercial break she mentioned she “hoped” they wouldn’t ask about Jesse.

Host Jillian Reynolds went off on Kat for acting unprofessionally, calling her out for putting her life on a reality show and then refusing to speak about things that will air in the season premiere.

But she’s not the only one that’s angry. “You can hear the producer, Lisa, interrupt the hosts when they’re talking. That never happens. I’d say Lisa is pretty furious,” says another source close to the show.

Kat tweeted, “Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning. Lack of compassion n respect for each other never fails to disappoint me.” She also said she left because of their “disrespectful intro”, which was probably referring to Jeff mentioning she received the tattoo before her split with Jesse.

Good Day LA released an article explaining the incident and says they never would have even booked an interview with Kat if they knew she was refusing to speak about the split. “If one of the stipulations was to NOT talk about her breakup with Jesse James, we never would have agreed to the booking.”

Watch the full clip of Kat’s interaction with Jesse below — including an awkward joke where Kat says she’s worried Jesse will break up with her — and above you can see the hosts reacting to Kat leaving before her interview begins.

Do you think Kat was right in leaving? Or should she have made it more clear she refused to speak about Jesse?