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Husband of Taconic Parkway Crash's Diane Schuler Sues Brother-In-Law Who Lost His Three Daughters!

Tue, July 26, 2011 3:42pm EDT by 44 Comments

Daniel Schuler is also suing New York state on the two-year anniversary of the devastating car accident.

Last night, HBO aired the documentary, There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane, based on the tragic story of Diane Schuler, who drunkenly drove the wrong way down New York’s Taconic State Parkway on July 26, 2009, slamming head on into another vehicle, killing eight people, including her 2-year-old daughter, three nieces and herself. Now, her husband Daniel Schuler is trying desperately to clear her name.

On the two year anniversary of the crash, one of the worst in New York’s history, Mr. Schuler says he is suing the state and his brother-in-law Warren Hance, whose three daughters, Emma, 8, Alyson, 7, and Katie, 5, were victims.

According to the New York Post, he claims the Taconic highway was badly designed and inadequately sign-posted, which led his wife Diane Schuler to drive the wrong way into traffic. Mr. Schuler also claims that the Ford Windstar minivan the family had borrowed from Diane’s brother Warren Hance, was faulty.

But, toxicology reports at the time of the accident revealed Diane’s blood-alcohol level to be 0.19 — the equivalent of 10 drinks — and discovered considerable levels of THC in her system from smoking marijuana.

“It’s a terrible tragedy,” Tom Ruskin, who was hired by the Schulers to investigate the accident, tells the Post. “His wife was drunk and high at the time of the accident that killed seven innocent people. You don’t keep suing people…If she was alive today, Diane would likely be in jail.”

The documentary, directed by Liz Garbus, tried to uncover the psycholigical puzzle surrounding the accident and Diane Schuler, who was known by close friends and family to be a devoted mother, wife, employee and friend who would NEVER do such a thing as drink and drive, especially with five kids in the car, two being her own. Even her sister-in-law Jackie Hance admits that Diane was “the most responsible person I knew.”

The lone survivor of the accident was Diane and Daniel’s now 7-year-old son Bryan, who was diagnosed with ocular nerve palsy after the fatal accident. He remembers nothing except, “Mommy’s head hurt. She couldn’t see” and, “I flew out of the car like superman.”

There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane will air on HBO through Aug. 24. I’ve seen it and so should you.

–Leigh Blickley