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Amber Riley Tells YOU What Her Beauty Secret Weapon Is, What Products She's Loving Right Now, & How To Deal With Bullies!

Fri, July 22, 2011 6:00pm EDT by 4 Comments

The ‘Glee’ star is the new face of the Secret Deodorant Mean Stinks campaign which gives young women a forum to share their experiences with bullies and gain access to experts who can give advice on dealing.

Amber Riley gives you her own tips on rising above bullying and tells you what products are in her makeup bag and shower right now!

Eden: How did you get involved with the Secret Deodorant Mean Stinks campaign.
Amber: “I kind of have the audience that they want and they have the message that I want to send.”

How can girls stand up to bullies and still take the high road/not be mean back?
“Being mean, it just turns into everyone being mean and drama and it snowballs into something terrible, but when you’re nicer and take the high road and tell an adult or talk to your friends for advice or your mom or someone in a position to take care of it it, that helps prevents the problems.”

Can you give me one beauty secret that you might have?
“I have a really great one: A good beauty regiment every day. I wash my face, I always moisturize, I use an anti-bacterial cream under my moisturizer and a toner because I wear so much makeup on the set.”

What makeup items are you loving right now?
“My favorite thing right now is lipstick. I have a lot of lipsticks. I always felt like old ladies wore it and so I never wore it before, but now I’m into it. I like CoverGirl — they have all these really cool pink shades.”

What about hair products?
“I like L’Oreal sulfate-free shampoo. That’s my new hair obsession. I accidentally bought it one time and now I love it.”

Watch Amber give you top tips on dealing with bullies here and check out the Mean Stinks Facebook page here.

–Eden Univer