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Bonnie Says: Watch Jon Stewart Cheer for Wendi Murdoch's Lightning Defense of Husband Rupert Murdoch!

Wed, July 20, 2011 12:03pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 1 Comment

What’s even better than the fact that Wendi, 42, lept to the defense of her 80-year-old hubby, Rupert Murdoch,  yesterday, July 19 ? Listening to Jon Stewart talk about her smackdown!

If you missed Wendi Murdoch’s split second jump -up to smack the face of her husband Rupert’s attacker, comedian Jonnie Marbles, while Rupert was testifying in front of a British parliamentary committee, then click and watch this now!

Marbles was in the midst of throwing a shaving cream pie at Murdoch when BOOM — Wendi , who had been quietly sitting behind Rupert until that point , got HIM — real hard on the side of the face. She beat the police and Rupert’s son, James, who was sitting right next to him, to the punch — literally!

Wendi, a former school volleyball champion in China, knew exactly how to deliver a spike. Hooray!

Jon Stewart described her as delivering the punch with “devastating Chuck Norris handspeed.”

Furthermore, Stewart admitted that he finally saw that there was a positive aspect to the couple’s 40 plus year age difference. “I am not a big proponent of the four decade marriage age gap, but if ever there was a situation where it would pay dividend, it would be an ambush like that!”

Yes, I second that! And I can also add, I’ve met Wendi and she is friendly and terrific as well as being one hell of a fantastically protective wife!

–Bonnie Fuller


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