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'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Faces Legal Troubles, Farrah Fights For Sophia's Rights, & Maci's Men Meet!

Wed, July 20, 2011 1:17am EDT by 5 Comments

Amber and Farrah lawyer up, Tyler’s dad is back from jail, and Maci confronts her biggest fear!

Just when MTV’s original teen moms thought they survived the worst, they are hit with legal troubles! Amber Portwood has to pay the consequences for hitting her boyfriend Gary Shirley, Farrah Abraham is fighting with Sophia’s grandma for visitation and social security rights, and Catelynn Lowell has to deal with Tyler’s dad Butch returning from jail! Maci Bookout steered clear of any legal battles, but still had to play mediator between her boyfriend and baby daddy.

Last season Amber’s struggle with depression and her corrosive relationship with Gary erupted into a violent domestic dispute. In a flurry of anger, Amber hit Gary on camera which led to the police and child services to start investigating whether or not Amber is fit to be a mother. Even though Gary was the victim of Amber’s abuse, the two stick together and visit a lawyer to see what the ramifications of her crime could amount to. When Amber realizes that she could lose custody Leah she becomes emotionally broken. She feels that Gary is just as guilty because he provoked her to strike him and should be held accountable as well. Eventually the stress wears on her to a point where she decides that she needa to time away from Gary.

Farrah also finds herself in her lawyer’s office when she goes to him regarding Sophia’s grandmother denying that her deceased son Derek Underwood was the father to social security. Because there isn’t enough proof, Sophia is denied Derek’s social security benefits which could have lifted some of the financial stress Farrah is dealing with. At the lawyer’s office she learns that although Sophia’s grandmother denied her son’s paternity to social security, she is still fighting for visitation rights. Farrah refuses to take the threats seriously, and decides to speak to her counselor to work through the stress. Farrah has an emotional break down with her therapist and admits that she feels she had no friends or anyone to help her carry the load of the burdens she’s facing.

Maci’s decision to have her boyfriend Kyle King move in with her prompts her sharp-tongued ex Ryan Edwards to demand that they meet. When they were dating, Ryan was verbally abusive to Maci, so she fears that introducing him to Kyle might spark World War III. At the same time she wants them to be able to behave amicably because they are both father figures to her son Bentley. After many discussions with her friends over how the situation might pan out, the two men finally met and are perfectly friendly to one another.

Catelynn decides to move out from her mom’s house with her boyfriend Tyler, but that doesn’t mean she is able to escape the family drama. Tyler’s dad Butch is released from prison, but if he goes to visit Catelynn’s mom he would break his parole and be sent back to lock-up. While Butch is dying to sneak a visit to assuage his primal needs, Tyler has to convince him that the reward isn’t worth the risk. They discuss how hard it is for the family to have Butch in jail so he decides to take the high road and wait out his parole period at a half-way house. Catelynn and Tyler are glad to have Butch back and he starts to realize how difficult it was for them to give up their baby for adoption.

This episode was depressing because Amber is crying out for help but is being ignored, which eventually leads to her losing custody, attempting suicide and ending up in rehab. While domestic violence is never excusable and she should have never turned to violence to work out her frustrations with Gary, I do understand why she is upset that he isn’t accepting any blame for the situation. Gary can be verbally abusive at times and definitely knows how to provoke her into fury of rage. I think that the best thing for Leah would be for Amber and Gary to finally end their relationship until they work through all their anger issues in counseling.

Farrah’s situation also tugged at my heartstrings because I don’t understand how Derek’s mother could be so hypocritical. She refuses to reward Sophia with social security benefits, but is still fighting Farrah for visitation rights. It’s also sad to see how lonely Farrah is without Derek or any friends to help her through these difficult times. We hope that she is able to take her mother’s advice and handle the proceedings with Derek’s mother in the most mature way possible for Sophia’s sake.

Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode of Teen Mom? Do you think Gary and Amber should call it quits?

Nicole Fukuoka

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