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Suri Cruise Traveled 27,104 Miles In 2 MONTHS — How Healthy Is Her 'On-The-Go' Lifestyle?

Sat, July 16, 2011 10:00am EDT by 4 Comments

Everyone dreams of  ‘the glamorous life’ — being whisked away to tropical locations and big cities all the time — but what happens if you’re 5-years-old spending two months away from home at a time?

An expert tells us the pros and cons of Suri Cruise’s globe-trotting life. “There are a lot of benefits to traveling as a child, however, it can also be detrimental,” Dr. Jen Hartstein, a nationally recognized child, adolescent and family psychologist based in New York City, tells exclusively. Read on to see more of what Dr. Hartstein has to say!

“You get to see the world, learn about different areas and cultures,” Dr. Hartstein says about Suri’s jet-setting ways. Talk about different areas and cultures: in only two months, Suri (with parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) has been in nine cities across two continents! “The summer is a great time to do this too, as you are not competing with school schedules and the like,” Dr. Hartstein continued.

In May and June alone, little Suri has traveled 27,104 miles! From Los Angeles to Chicago, Chicago to Malibu, Malibu to Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills to Miami, Miami to Orlando and back again! We don’t know how she had time to sleep!

Dr. Hartstein says: “[Travel] disrupts sleep cycles, which can lead to reduced ability to manage emotions, less frustration tolerance, ‘cranky’ kids.  There are some physical issues that can develop as a result of not getting enough sleep (brain development, for example) in children as well.”

Dr. Hartstein also says that children as young as Suri need someplace to call home. “Children do really need to have a solid home base–a place to come back to, that they know is their’s,” she says. “Suri may have a more challenging time with this being on the road so much.”

Sure, Suri got to participate in some incredible activities along the way – the taping of Oprah‘s Finale Celebration, visiting dad on the set of Rock of Ages, a trip to Disney World and multiple shopping sprees and beach days — but are her needs being put first?

“It’s important for Katie and Tom to think about how all of the travel impacts her” Dr. Hartstein concludes. “While it may not impact them so much, the constant shifting and moving may be confusing AND, when they are in one place, there may be tension because Suri does not know how to handle that either.”

Let’s hope that Tom and Katie let Suri take a little travel break for the rest of the summer!

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