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Should Your BF Make You Into A Better Person Like Justin Bieber Does For Selena Gomez?

Fri, July 15, 2011 1:00pm EDT by 1 Comment

Should love transform you?

It’s no secret that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are besotted by one another. But it seems like love is having a big effect on the 18-year-old singer/starlet. Her boyfriend has actually made her into a better person. Is this what you should strive to find in a relationship? 

“Love is beautiful,” the Monte Carlo star tells Girls’ Life magazine. “It’s hard, but so wonderful. You should enjoy it and make sure the person betters you.”

She continued, “I’ve been told I keep my heart guarded,” she continues. “My advice is to have fun and to be prepared for anything.”

So, is it a boyfriend’s job to transform you into a better person?

Well, no, it’s not his job, but being with someone who has that effect on you is definitely the person you want to be with. Ideally, you want a guy who evens you out, who’s your equal and who does make you into the best version of you that there is.

You don’t want a guy you have to fix, or who you have to babysit, or who keeps you guessing. You want the real deal.

Which, given Justin’s recent sweet, considerate behavior and Selena’s new admission, this relationship is. If this adorable couple is already changing one another for the better at such a young age, then this is one relationship that definitely needs to last.


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