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Emma Watson's Stylist Says The Star Got Ready For The NYC Premiere In Under 50 Minutes!

Fri, July 15, 2011 6:53pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 6 Comments

Anita Patrickson, the woman behind Emma’s gorgeous premiere gowns, took the time to tell us what it’s like working with the star — and she even shared a funny story about a last minute blunder involving maple syrup!

The Harry Potter saga may be coming to an end, with the final flick Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 currently in theaters — but Emma Watson looked better than ever on the red carpet. There’s no denying the fact that the stylish young star is a seasoned pro — and having the help of leading Hollywood stylist Anita Patrickson certainly doesn’t hurt! Anita said Emma is a dream client — and working with the star on the momentous promotional tour was extra special.

“It’s a really big deal, it’s the end of a chapter for her, the end of her adolescence,” Anita said. “It was a big moment for the movie, a big fashion moment, and a big emotional moment. I just wanted her to feel amazing and walk out feeling 100% fabulous and she did. She was really happy and so was I.”

Anita said finding the perfect looks didn’t take as long as one would think. Emma knew exactly what she wanted the second she tried on the dresses — and there definitely weren’t a lack of options! “We literally had like 70 gowns, but the Oscar de la Renta she wore in London was the first thing she put on. She was like, ‘OMG I love it.’ For London we wanted something very classic and elegant, something in size that could match the massive premiere — it was dramatic and ethereal, almost like Grace Kelly but with a twist.”

I couldn’t imagine walking around in the stunning ballgown — and Anita admitted it wasn’t the easiest dress to slip into! “We wound up taking over a conference room in the Pittsburgh hotel where we held our fittings because everything didn’t fit. It’s a weird concept to have these fabulous dresses shipped over from Milan, landing in Pittsburgh.”

After the premiere, Emma slipped into an Elie Saab cocktail dress that was just as gorgeous, (yet a bit more practical), than her breathtaking gown from the premiere — and it turns out Anita and Emma were waiting to find the right moment to debut the dress! “I’ve been holding that dress for her for a couple of months,” Anita said. “She first tried it on for the MTV Movie Awards but it wasn’t quite right — although it was such an amazing, amazing dress so I held onto it. For the premiere it fit in really well. It was the perfect option for her to change into.

While Emma looked like something out of a gorgeous, high-fashion fairy tale in London, they wanted a totally different look for the NYC premiere. “We went for something completely different. It was edgier, funkier, sleeker — it was unlike anything I’ve ever come across.”

Sure, the star looked stunning — but it turns out she got glam in no time at all! Anita said she had to rush right after Letterman. “From door to door with travel time factored in she had 50 minutes on the dot. Right after Letterman she had to rush back to change, it was literally like a military operation!”

Emma always looks perfect but in reality she’s human, just like us — and she almost fell victim to a major style blunder! “Emma was eating pancakes before heading over to the Today Show — but neither of us realized she got maple syrup on her dress until we got there. I thought it was water at first, but luckily we managed to clean it up in time. I was like, ‘EMMA!’ but it didn’t seem to phase her.”

We can’t even imagine what it’s like working with Emma, but Anita described her dream client as best as she could. “She’s incredibly classic and she can really pull anything off. I’ve never met a girl who can wear anything and everything with grace and style. It’s incredible working with her on all levels — and I would really have to mess up on my job to make her look bad!”

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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