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'Switched At Birth' Recap: Bay Begins Searching For Her Real Father! Is Trouble Ahead?

Wed, July 13, 2011 2:37pm EDT by 1 Comment

Do you think Bay should tell someone about her search? She could use some help!

On the July 11 episode of Switched at Birth, Bay (Vanessa Marano) did some snooping to find her real father, Daphne (Katie Leclerc) joined a cooking class at Bay’s school, and Toby (Lucas Grabeel) scrambled to pay back the money he lost at poker.

In addition, the moms fought about Daphne getting a cochlear implant, and new problems arose concerning the legal settlement with the hospital. I can’t wait to learn the hospital’s mysterious reason for taking the families to court! (Apparently the nurses on duty 16 years ago aren’t the only ones to blame for the mix up.)

I think it’s understandable that Bay is searching for her father. And Emmett (Sean Berdy), who seemed close minded when he accused Daphne of trying to assimilate with “hearing” people, has really proven himself to be a good friend. But I do think Bay should tell Regina (Constance Marie), or at least Daphne, about her search. Daphne grew up thinking the absent man was her father and Regina is the only one who knows his past.

Daphne made a brave choice to attend cooking class at Bay’s school. I totally understand why she didn’t want an interpreter, but after she almost sets fire to the kitchen, I think it was necessary for Regina to hire one. Still, I think her accident in the kitchen was partially the teacher’s fault, since the instructor seemed to be distracted by Wilke’s wise-cracks. She could have noticed the boiling oil and stopped it herself, instead of just blaming Daphne’s deafness.

I also like how flirtatious Wilke is getting with Daphne, and how he defends her, even when his popular peers are snickering at her. However, he is not on my good list regarding his treatment of Toby.

Toby clearly has a gambling problem, and I thought it was irresponsible of his father to guess a bail-out amount before letting Toby explain all the circumstances. By already assuming the amount of bail-out money, Mr. Kennish (D.W. Moffett) scared Toby out of telling the truth. That was definitely bad parenting on this dad’s part. Consequently, I didn’t really blame Toby for stealing the tests, even though it was definitely not the morally correct action to take.

I’m getting tired of Regina constantly lashing out at Kathryn (Lea Thompson.) She only asked Daphne about a cochlear implant – it’s not like she’s forcing the girl to get one! Regina seems to turn everything into an insult and her negative energy is kind of ruining her steadfast, resilient image.

I do, however, think it was right for her to tell Kathryn to learn sign language, because that knowledge will definitely forge a connection between the biological mother and daughter. I just wish there was more of a relationship between Regina and Bay!

— Flora Collins