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Did Olivia Wilde Just Diss The Kardashians? You Gotta See What She Just Said!

Wed, July 13, 2011 9:19pm EDT by 10 Comments
Courtesy of Marie Claire, Getty Images

Olivia gets personal in the upcoming August issue of Marie Claire, talking about the hardship of her divorce and the Kardashians…what?

In the upcoming August issue of Marie Claire, the usually very-private Olivia Wilde opens up about love and life. She speaks candidly about her ongoing divorce: what went wrong and why she’s at peace with the decision!Olivia, who was married to husband Tao Ruspoli for eight years, says “the trauma of the whole thing has been humbling, and for the first time, I’m a little bit wobbly.”

Olivia does seem happy with the decision though, saying, “Even though it didn’t work out, there is nothing I regret about it.”

Now onto the good stuff: why is Olivia dissing the Kardashians? “I’d like to refocus everyone’s attention away from the Kardashians and onto Doctors Without Borders or aid workers. Scandal is not who so-and-so is dating; scandal is the fact that 1.2 million people are still living in tents in Haiti, and cholera is rampant because Nepalese U.N. soldiers dumped shit from their Porta-Potties into the river.”

That seems like a DIRECT shot at the Kardashians. I get that they are pretty much known as being famous for being famous, but what did they ever do to Olivia? They are all known for being super nice and have talked candidly about always giving a percentage of their profits to charities.

So just because they’re not out fighting world hunger or treating sick children in Africa — that makes them bad people? Remember Olivia, I don’t see you serving food to starving kids all over the world…that would be Angelina Jolie.