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Casey Anthony Getting Married To Baby Caylee's Father!

Wed, July 13, 2011 10:27am EDT by Chloe Melas 30 Comments

The most hated woman in America could be walking down the aisle upon her release from prison — are you angry with her potential happy ending?

Casey Anthony has taken a lesson from Charlie Sheen … she just keeps winning. If you thought the 25-year-old has been crying herself to sleep while behind bars for the last two years — think again. Casey has reportedly been planning her wedding to an unidentified 51-year-old Australian man. The National Enquirer reportedly spoke with the Aussie, who dropped another bombshell — he believes he’s Caylee’s father!

“He’s planning to come to the US and Casey sees it as the perfect chance for her to escape her old life,” a source reveals. “She told someone in jail, he’s handsome and he’s rich.’ It’s what she’s always wanted — to get married and have a baby to replace Caylee — and that she could live out of the country where no one ever heard of her.”

The man who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that he and Casey had a two-month affair in 2004. After watching the trial on TV, he reportedly began to see the resemblance between himself and Caylee and that’s when he put two-and-two together.

“To be with an attractive 18-year-old was exciting,” he tells The National Enquirer of his affair with Casey.

Sources and inmates reveal that he wrote Casey letters and that when she is released from prison on July 17 she will go into hiding with her soon-to-be hubby.

This new report completely debunks reports of Casey and her attorney Jose Baez‘s rumored relationship. Jose was reprimanded for hugging Casey too much while visiting her in jail in 2008 — they also reportedly once shared a piece of licorice through the glass visitor window.

“There are a couple of fellas who have either become infatuated with the celebrity or with the fair damsel in distress,” Casey says in a letter she penned to a fellow inmate. “I’ve received pictures from both good-looking guys.”

When Casey walks a free woman this weekend, she will be taken into a witness protection type program — that’s where she’ll reportedly undergo plastic surgery and change her name.

Are you upset that Casey has found happiness?

— Chloe Melas

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