Lindsey Says: Ryan Park Better Not Be The Next 'Bachelor'!

Ryan's dramatic departure places him in the same category of 'Bachelor' drama queens as Jake Pavelka and Brad Womack! Was anyone else thrown off by the played up editing that Ryan Park got after Bachelorette Ashley Hebert told him he was going home during the July 11 episode? The way ABC gave this man so much air time makes me think that they may be pinning him as the next Bachelor. And if this is what the network's planning to do -- they need to think again. Ryan should not be The Bachelor!

I’m sorry, but how many different shots can they show of a guy hiding behind a bush crying? We’ve seen every side of Ryan’s face because of the way he was shown upset after Ashley told him goodbye.

Sure, the first episode, I thought Ryan P. would be my number one choice for Ashley. She thought so too giving him the first impression rose. What gal wouldn’t want to grab hold of a sexy and successful guy like Ryan? He’s only 31, and he already owns his own solar energy company in Fresno, Calif. He has 300 employees that work for him!

But as the show continued to go on, Ryan grew more and more annoying. His energy and excitement drove the other men up the wall, not to mention some viewers like me. Because of this, his bothersome attitude quickly replaced my view of him as the well-rounded, perfect catch.

So when Ashley said good riddance to Ryan, I couldn’t have been happier. She finally made a wise decision. But who could blame her? If you find the energizer bunny attractive, then Ryan’s the man for you.

Ryan played the distraught and heartbroken character perfectly — so he thought — only you could tell his dramatic whimpering was a total act, one that Jake Pavelka and Bachelor Brad Womack have infamously pulled off before him.

BFFs — I’m not a fan of Mr. Park and will be totally disappointed if he is chosen to be the next Bachelor. We’ve already had two losers — Brad and Jake — ruin the last two seasons. Do we really need a third drama queen?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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