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Danielle Staub's 'Famous Food' Season Premiere Recap: Why Heidi Montag & I Will Never Be Friends!

Tue, July 12, 2011 10:50am EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment

Danielle makes it clear that she’s not on ‘Famous Food’ to make friends and you can find out each week in her own words right here!

In the season premiere of Famous Food on VH1, you see myself, Danielle Staub, in a slightly different light. I am proud to say that I’m here in Los Angeles, 3,000 miles away from my children and my home for two reasons: 1) To make great TV. 2) To win a restaurant.

The winner of the show will become partners with the Dolce Group. The premise of the show is to put together seven celebrities to open a restaurant in 30 days with $150,000 budget and a laundry list of things to do!

Stay with us through the next nine episodes. Watch relationships grow, explode, sever, reconnect and, ultimately, bring you some of the best entertainment on reality television. I should know because when it comes to reality TV … love me or hate me you’re paying attention. Now, let’s see how my new cast of characters on Famous Food is able to handle me keeping it real.

In episode one, Heidi Montag and I make a great connection. It was silly and funny for me to personally to watch because that day was the beginning of, quite possibly, the end of Heidi and Danielle. Let’s move on to Vinnie Pastore (best known for his role as “Big Pussy” on The Sopranos). You see him truly showing his skills, or should I say lack thereof.

First of all Vinnie, I was on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, not The Desperate Housewives. It’s not that I think Vinnie can’t open a restaurant. I know he can’t. He bases all of his knowledge on “clubs” that he opened in the ’70s and ’80s in New Rochelle, New York. We are opening a restaurant in 2011 on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Two very different things! Vinnie should be careful where he points fingers and take a look at himself in the mirror first.

He called a meeting and said his friend Richie will be coming to help us. Heidi and I felt that it was more important that we not be at a meeting that can teach us absolutely nothing. Stay tuned for next week’s episode to find out how or if Vinnie and I resolve the situation. In episode one, Ashley Dupre becomes very insecure about being the only female left upstairs with all of the guys, while Heidi and I go have a talk. Here’s the thing, I thought Ashley would feel completely comfortable in a room with all men. And Heidi sent the message to Ashley from my phone. No, Ashley, YOU have a meeting at 6:00. Now, Ashley sees that it was Heidi that sent that message from my phone, even though I thought it was hilarious.

Watch more of Ashley and I unraveling in the upcoming episodes and see who is really to blame for starting the feud. Tune into Famous Food on VH1 at 10PM (9 central). Check back each week for my personal recap on!

— Danielle Staub

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