Justin Bieber Took A Family Vacation To Whitefish, Montana This Week And We Have All Of The Details!

Justin Bieber checked into the Grouse Mountain Lodge, where the nicest suite is $279 a night, on July 5-7 with six other people and went fishing! Montana must be the 'middle of nowhere' place he was tweeting about. Justin Bieber teased us earlier this week with multiple photos of himself camping at a beautiful location. He said "Come find me" and so we did! We spoke to three different sources who confirmed Justin was in Whitefish, Montana this week with his family! "He checked into the Grouse Mountain Lodge on July 5 and checked out on July 7," a source tells us. "He was having a family reunion."

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Another spy tells us Justin checked in under the name “Bieber”. Guess he wasn’t too worried about getting found!

Although Justin checked into the Grouse Mountain Lodge, it does not necessarily mean he slept there both nights, or even at all. He tweeted he was camping on July 5, and one of our sources tell us it’s common for people to check into the Lodge but camp anywhere near it, sometimes even at Glacier National Park which is a 30 minute drive away. “Justin and his family went fishing at the Whitefish Lake which is about a mile away from the Lodge,” reveals a third eyewitness.

So who was Justin there with? It’s a little unclear. One source says he was there with his father, Jeremy, his father’s wife, their two children (Jazmyn and Jaxon) and a teenage boy and teenage girl. However, Jeremy tweeted he was in Atlanta alone while Justin was camping, and even showed himself getting a new tattoo. Was this to throw everybody off? Or was Justin there with other family members? We asked the source to re-confirm and they said, “I am pretty sure Justin was there with his father, but I am not 100% positive.”

We spoke to an employee at the Grouse Mountain Lodge who could not confirm Justin Bieber’s stay due to guest privacy rules, but did explain that their fanciest suite was $279 a night. “The Rain Shower Suite is stunning, it has a king size bed downstairs, along with a flat-screen TV, a wet bar and a mini fridge. Upstairs, there is a living room, a flat-screen TV and two twin beds. The coolest part is the bathroom, which is huge and has a nine head shower, so it feels like you are in a rain forest,” explained the employee, who wished to remain nameless. “The suite costs $279 a night and fits four people. You can get an adjoining suite if you need more space.” Since Justin was there with six other guests, they could have added an adjoining suite, although that may not have been necessary if they spent both nights camping.

What do you guys think? Was Justin there with his father or another group? Either way it sounds like he had a wonderful time getting away from city life and finding peace and quiet!

Reporting by Sandra Clark and Kirstin Benson

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