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'Toddlers & Tiara's' Recap: Brock Is Headed To Broadway & The Girls Get Spray Tans!

Wed, July 6, 2011 11:30pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment

If you thought pageants were just for girls … think again! Because one little boy is taking the world by storm!

Meet your new obsessions Hollymoms, Brock and Savannah! This little boy can tap, do a backflip and look like a literal pretty boy without breaking a sweat. But then there’s Savannah who is jumping back into the pageant world after a two year hiatus. Our reporter Chloe Melas and intern Scott Galina watched the July 6 episode of Toddlers & Tiaras and found themselves split on who was the real star of last night’s episode.

Chloe’s Take:

At first as I watched Brock compete as the only boy in the Glitz Pageant I felt sorry for him. But nothing phases this kid — he made competing against the girls look easy. He was grinning from ear-to-ear and his disposition far surfaced all of the other spoiled little girls. I couldn’t help but find it strange that he was even involved in the competition, but this kid loves singing and dancing. I commend his parents for allowing him to be himself. It really was genuienly awesome to watch — to Broadway you go Brock!

The only truly shocking portion of the episode was watching the little girls strip down to get spray tans. Their mothers had no problem driving them to a tanning bed in the middle of the night in their hometowns and I had a fundamental issue with it. Even Brock’s mom got out her spray gun in their kitchen and turned him from pasty to Brazilian in 2.5. But watching Savannah’s mom hold her down to pluck “the black hairs’ in her eyebrows was hard to watch — just not normal.

Each week I have myself debating if whether this is all in good fun or if it’s borderline child abuse. What do you think?

Scott’s Take:

I thought the real star of tonight’s episode was Savannah. In case you live under a rock – don’t worry, I’m down there with you – Savannah, 7, dramatically quit pageants two years ago after she lost for the first time. Tonight marked her much anticipated (depending on your definition of the word) return to competing!

Poor Savannah had clearly forgotten in two years what it was actually like to compete, however. One of the worst moments for Savannah came when her hairpiece was bothering her. Try as she might, little Savannah could not stop her tears as the pain got worse and worse. Her mom, Shanna, got right in her face, screaming that Savannah’s make-up was already ruined so there was no time to waste fixing her hair. Savannah didn’t know what to do. The pain was too much for her to handle and her mom wasn’t doing anything to help.

After what seemed like forever (and a commercial break), Shanna decided to be proactive about the problem and look under the wig. There she found that the hairpiece was pulling down on Savannah’s head, pulling her hair out of her scalp. She quickly adjusted it and sent Savannah on her way, WITHOUT SO MUCH AS AN APOLOGY!!

Shanna got hers, however, when she left Savannah’s competition number in their hotel room. As karma would have it, Shanna’s key didn’t work and she had to have the hotel manager – A COMPLETE STRANGER – go into her hotel room to find the number; a fact she mentioned to just about anyone that would listen. It just goes to show you, pageant moms, what goes around comes around!

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— Chloe Melas & Scot Galina