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'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Tearfully Chooses Gary Over New Boyfriend, Farrah Gets Painful Boob Job & Maci's Men Battle

Wed, July 6, 2011 8:23am EDT by 4 Comments

Amber puts Leah first, yay, and reunites with Gary, Catelynn and Tyler plan to move in together and more as the ‘Teen Mom’ action never stops.

MTV’s original teen moms are back with more break-ups, make-ups, and even some plastic surgery! They’ve learned to master the tantrums, dirty diapers, and sleepless nights, but that doesn’t mean life has gotten much easier for Farrah, Amber, Catelynn, and Maci. They survived raising newborns, but now they have bigger issues to face like chid support, rocky relationships, and custody battles.

Farrah Abraham is struggling to balance culinary school, work, and her modeling career while raising her baby Sophia. She’s insecure with her post-baby body and thinks that a breast augmentation will help her. Farrah struggled finding a bank to finance her surgery, but after much perseverance she was able to score a loan. Before she got her parent’s blessing, they made her set-up a will that granted custody of Sophia to Farrah’s mother if anything were to go wrong. The surgery was a success, but she wasn’t prepared for the pain of the recovery.

Another mom who admitted struggling with the insecurities of being a teen mom was the ever controversial Amber Portwood. Amber was dating Chris, an immature but very devoted boyfriend, when Gary called and begged her for a second chance. Before Amber picked between the two, she made Gary go with her to a life coach so they could work on their communication issues. Within minutes of sitting down, the explosive couple started ripping at each other over Gary’s infidelity. After they stopped bickering, Amber admitted that she lashes out in anger because she’s insecure about her looks and self-worth. Because Amber wants what is best for Leah, she overlooks the hostility of their relationship and decides to break-up with Chris to give Gary another shot.

Maci Bookout also finds herself caught between two men as she starts to realize that dealing with a baby daddy and a boyfriend is harder than she expected. When her child support isn’t in her account, she confronts Ryan and he takes the opportunity to take a shot at Maci’s boyfriend Kyle. Ryan asked if Kyle was “slow” which only added fuel to the fire between the boys’ feud. Maci wants Kyle to meet Ryan so that they can be amicable for Bentley’s sake, but Kyle admits that he is just as immature as Ryan and doesn’t want to confront their issues. Maci is stuck between a rock and a hard place when she realizes that Ryan isn’t going anywhere and he potentially could ruin her relationship with Kyle. Fortunately, Ryan wasn’t lying when he said that the child support debacle was the bank’s error, so Maci did not have to take him to court.

Catelynn Lowell didn’t get off as easy and faced a serious security threat after someone tried to break into her mom’s house. Her family determined that it’s not safe to stay in their neighborhood and Catelynn sees this as her opportunity to move out on her own with her boyfriend Tyler. While Catelynn’s mom approves, Tyler’s mom is scared that they are growing up too fast. The teens haven’t even finished high school, and Tyler’s mom wants them to enjoy the childhood they gave their baby up for. But the teens face the reality that having a baby forced them to grow up whether they were ready or not, and that living on their own could motivate them to get their acts together and pursue greatness.

The season premiere of Teen Mom did not disappoint because as the girls say goodbye to their teenage years they face a new set of tribulations that viewers can empathize with and relate to. I thought it was very brave of Farrah to televise her breast augmentation, but it was disheartening to watch her make such a financially irresponsible decision when she has a baby to provide for. It was also sad to watch Sophia get ignored while Farrah’s dad tended to her post-op needs.

Watching Amber fall back into a volatile relationship with Gary was also like watching a train wreck. We know how badly it ends for Amber and I desperately wanted to stop her from giving into to Gary’s ploys. I couldn’t help but think if she had just stayed with Chris maybe she could have avoided the custody battles, bouts of depression, and trip to rehab. Tell us what you think! Do you think Amber should have given Gary another shot?

Nicole Fukuoka

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