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'Switched At Birth' Recap: Bay Gets Caught & Toby's Gambling Problem Is Revealed!

Tue, July 5, 2011 5:53pm EDT by Add first Comment

I really respect Ty and Emmett after this episode. Who was your favorite character this week?

Major secrets were revealed on the July 4 episode of ABC Family’s Switched At Birth: First, Mr. Kennish discovered Bay making out with Ty in his car, then surprised them both by inviting Ty to a family dinner — where Ty admits that he has enlisted in the army!

Meanwhile, Toby asked for Daphne and Emmett’s help in a poker game when he realized their deafness gave them a big advantage as players. However, we soon realized Toby has a dangerous poker habit as we watched him lose a ton of money during the high-stakes game. To add more tension, Regina went on a date with famed womanizer Bruce, much to Kathryn’s chagrin.

I think it was smart of the Kennishes to not just dismiss Bay and Ty’s relationship and ground Bay. Kathryn definitely had a point when she said forbidding the relationship would only make Bay more attracted to Ty. I also thought it was very noble of Ty to wait to have sex when he knew he would be gone in only a few days. However, I thought it was irresponsible to not tell Bay sooner. I admired Bay in this episode for apologizing to Daphne for interfering with her relationship with Liam. That was definitely the right move on her part, even if Daphne had already broken up with him.

Regarding Toby’s gambling, I understood why Daphne thought she should help him play his poker game. He’s her biological brother and she should get to know him better and spend more time with him. But I thought it was stupid that she didn’t listen to Bay’s warnings. Bay has known Toby and his habits her entire life, and even if they aren’t genetically related, she still understands him better than Daphne. It was obvious Toby was just selfishly leading Daphne into a bad situation, especially considering how hyped up and anxious he was before and during the poker game.

Emmett definitely was definitely correct when he left. I like how his character always sticks by his beliefs, even if they don’t always make everyone around him happy. Also, Toby’s behavior toward the end of the episode was appalling. As Daphne said, she doesn’t have a “super power.” It was Toby’s own fault that he lost the game and roped Daphne into the mess. He acted just like a gambling addict, blaming everyone around him for his loss.

Lastly, I thought it was pretty rude of Regina to feel attacked by Kathryn’s comments concerning taking Bruce home. Kathryn definitely is in the right when she expresses that is inappropriate for Regina to have sex with the ex of one of her friends, under her roof. However, Kathryn acted inappropriately when she mentioned all of Bruce’s exes when the couple was about to go on a date, so maybe both women are acting catty.

— Flora Collins