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If You're Constantly Getting Played Like Ashley Hebert Is, Are You Doing Something Wrong?

Thu, June 30, 2011 12:11pm EDT by Add first Comment

Four guys are playing The Bachelorette at once! What is she doing wrong?

Ashley Hebert isn’t having a lot of luck in love this season on The Bachelorette. In addition to getting totally and utterly played by master manipulator Bentley Williams, the 27-year-old dental student is also being housed by contestants Ames Brown, Constantine Tzortzis and Ryan Park. Is it Ashley’s fault that the guys are treating her so badly?

Bentley lied to her and told her he had to leave the show because of his daughter (when, in reality, he just thought the game was too easy and had no interest in Ashley at all), but it appears that Ames is also a huge liar. The 30-year-old has been carrying on a secret relationship with former Bachelor contestant Jackie Gordon. “Their relationship is accelerating very fast,” an insider tells Life & Style. “They’ve even talked about marriage!”

Additionally, executive cutie Ryan P. is trying to get a little extra help promoting his solar energy company. The rub? “He broke up with his girlfriend right before he went on the show because he told her he wasn’t ready to get married and didn’t feel like marriage was in his future,” says the source.

As for restaurant owner Constantine, well, he says he’d never marry a girl who isn’t Greek Orthodox, and admits to completely leading Ashley on.

So what is Ashley doing wrong? Well, for starters, she’s looking for true love on a reality show, where it’s expected to a certain degree that men will be using her for fame. That aside, she is making some definite mistakes!

For starters, she tries too hard. It’s clear that Ashley isn’t being herself, and that the show is causing her to create a archetype of who she should be and not who she is. Guys sense this, and are turned off by a girl who lacks confidence. Her insecurity is NOT cool.

Secondly, her infatuation with Bentley — and his ensuing coldness — has made her pathetic. The other guys in the house knew how she was being played, how she let herself ignore the signs, and they knew they could do it, too.

Thirdly, she may have slept with Bentley. If that’s the case — and trust me, guys, like dogs, can smell sex in the air — the other contestants are going to think she’s easy and, thus, unworthy. Men like to be aggressors and chasers, and when the game is over, so is their interest.

If you see yourself making similar mistakes, beware! Dating and trusting is hard enough as it is without opening yourself up to becoming one giant dupe.


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