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Caylee Anthony's Body Could Have Been Found 4 Months Earlier If The Police Hadn't Missed Her!

Tue, June 28, 2011 6:30pm EDT by Add first Comment

A rattlesnake, a psychic tip, an affair, and SO many conflicting reports — Casey Anthony’s trial is getting confusing.

Many different reports in Casey Anthony‘s suspenseful Orlando, FL trial left viewers with reasonable doubt as to whether or not she’s responsible for the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter.

Roy Kronk, the meter reader who later found Caylee‘s remains in Dec. 2008, was called to the witness stand. He testified that he first saw an unusual object in the woods off of Suburban Drive near the Anthony’s family home in August of the same year — 4 months earlier!

Although hesitant to call it a skull, he went ahead and called authorities to report it, but the police found nothing. He also told his co-worker that he saw a possible skull, but the two also found a dead rattlesnake that day which managed to distract them away from it.

He called authorities three days in a row, from Aug. 11 to Aug. 13, until someone finally met him in the area. After searching to where Roy pointed, they weren’t able to find anything.

Later that year in December, Kronk returned to the site and found the skull again.

“I was standing behind it, so I was looking at it from behind so I very gently took [my meter reader stick] and put it into the right eye socket,” he testified. “I picked it up and put it back down.”

He added, “I lifted it up with the stick.  I gently pivoted it up…[it] wasn’t stuck in the mud, it wasn’t stuck in anything.”

He then apologized, saying, “I did not know what it was.  I never lifted it off the ground. That was a very horrific thing for me to find, obviously.”

Then there was Cindy Anthony‘s testimony regarding the wooded area on Suburban Drive. Her son, Lee, claims that his mother received a psychic tip about that particular area and had private investigators Dominic Casey and Jim Hoover videotape it in November 2008 — during the time police were searching for Caylee. The videos were shown the court on Monday, but Cindy denies knowledge of that search.

Lee said, “I was quite angry,” about the search because it was the first time anyone had suggested that they should be looking for a body instead of Caylee alive. “I couldn’t believe that they were even considering that Caylee could no longer be with us.”

In another twist, George Anthony, Casey’s father, is facing accusations from search party member Krystal Holloway, who says that she and George had an affair after Caylee’s disappearance.

He denies the affair and explained to defense attorney Jose Baez, “She is not a very good person, sir,” referring to her “questionable past” and her criminal record.

Krystal has yet to be called to the stand, but her presence is relevant because she claims that George once told her that Caylee’s death was “an accident that spiraled out of control,” supporting the defense’s claim that Caylee died in the family’s swimming pool but was covered up George and Casey. The bereaved father was not asked to answer any questions regarding him allegedly molesting his daughter.

The case that once seemed overwhelmingly stacked against Casey has now taken a turn. Is the Anthony family trying to confuse everyone to the point of not being able to make a decision?

Casey’s trial for first degree murder continues to shock onlookers.

–Brooke Peoples

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