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Eminem's 'Space Bound' Video Crosses The Line—Again! He Murders His Girlfriend Then Shoots Himself!

Mon, June 27, 2011 10:43am EDT by Add first Comment

When Eminem released ‘Love The Way You Lie’ last summer—the controversial video featuring Rihanna—its scenes of domestic violence caused an uproar among critics who felt the rapper has crossed the line of decency. Now, he’s at it again with his new video ‘Space Bound.’

The violent imagery in ‘Space Bound,’ released this past Friday, has set the blogosphere on fire. Critics have been slamming the video’s plotline, which involves Eminem shooting himself in the head after strangling his cheating girlfriend!

In the video Eminem discovers that his girlfriend—played by porn-star-turned-Entourage-star Sasha Grey—is cheating on him, after he sees messages from the other suitor in her cell phone. In the video, Eminem calls the girlfriend a “blood sucking succubus.” Wow, what a nice guy—not!

Eminem has two characters in the video, the heat-broken boyfriend who seeks revenge on his girlfriend, and that of an observer who watches the whole saga unfold. Eminem, as the boyfriend, confronts Sasha, then strangles her, as she gasps for air.

The video gets even more violent when Eminem takes a gun and shoots a bullet through his head–with blood spraying everywhere.

And it’s not just the imagery which is violent. So are the lyrics:  “I’m trying to stop you from breathing, I put both hands on your throat, I sit on top of you squeezing…Tears stream down both of my cheeks, then I let you just go and just give…And before I put that gun to my temple I told you this.”

— David Caplan