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Ian Says: 'Baby Callum's Sick For The First Time!' Help!

Fri, June 24, 2011 5:13pm EDT by 1 Comment

It’s just a bad cold, and the poor little guy will survive, but it’s enough to turn our delicately balanced world upside down!

The sickness started earlier this week with a cough. Callum has a ferocious pair of lungs on him. He’s capable of letting off crystal-shattering screams when he’s in high spirits. And when he’s sick, he sneezes and coughs like a long-haul trucker with a 3-pack a day habit.

It all stems from the teething pain Callum has been suffering for what seems like months. For some reason babies are far more susceptible to colds and sniffles when they’re teething.

And he hates it. The teething, and the cold he’s caught because of it.

Callum is normally such a happy baby. The photos I post on this blog are no carefully-timed fluke. He smiles 24/7, except for this week.

Those chubby cheeks we love so much are hanging low and his eyes are drooping, heavy.

Suddenly everything is a struggle for the little ball of energy we normally can’t keep still.

When we put him in his bouncer; rather than spring around giggling with delight, he flops with a look that says “I just can’t!”

But the real problem is bedtime. Just like adults, colds for babies are far worse at night. Everything builds up to a crescendo and Callum finds it impossible to settle with all that catarrh sitting on his chest.

So he wriggles and writhes and coughs… and stays awake. And the whole problem capitulates. Now he’s not just sick and cranky; he’s sick, tired and double cranky. All on top of the teething pain that started the whole thing off!

Jill and I hate the idea of medicating Callum unnecessarily — but after two hours of solid ear-piercing, red faced and tear-streaming screaming, we just couldn’t bare to see him suffering any more.

So I hit up the drug store and begged the pharmacist for a solution. She gave me some on-the-shelf infant ibuprofen.

I don’t know if it worked or if he just wore himself out, but Callum was asleep within 5 minutes. And he slept pretty much all night.

24 hours on, he’s still coughing and sneezing, but the screaming has stopped and the sneezes and splutters are slowly being replaced by gurgles and giggles.

Our happy little man is on his way back!

Did your baby suffer while they were teething HollyMoms? What cure worked for you?

And don’t forget to follow @callumgarland on Twitter!

— Ian Garland

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