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Do You Really Know If Someone Is 'The One' At 17 Like Justin Bieber Believes Selena Gomez To Be?

Thu, June 23, 2011 12:11pm EDT by 39 Comments

Can you find the right person for you at such a young age?

Justin Bieber apparently made a pretty big statement to girlfriend Selena Gomez. Not only did the 17-year-old singer tell his girlfriend that he’s in love with her, but according to a recent report from OK! magazine, he confessed that she’s ‘the one.’ But does he really know that for sure at such a young age?

“Justin has told Selena she’s the one,” the source says. “Selena adores Justin and is definitely in love for the first time in her life. She’s talked about how cute their kids would be and that sort of thing.”

And yes, the baby-making ‘process’ (ie, sex) is already happening for the young pair, who can’t seem to keep their hands off one another. “Selena and Justin are having an intimate relationship. But she’s not going to let herself get pregnant,” the source continues. “She definitely loves kids and could see herself having Justin’s baby one day. But it’s not going to be right now.”

Is Selena really the person Justin is going to spend the rest of his life with? Breathe a sigh of relief, Beliebers, because 99% of me says no. There are those rare circumstances where you could marry your high school sweetheart, but for the most part that’s just a pipe dream.

If you’ve had your first sexual experience, you might feel like that person is going to be the one you’ll be with forever, but he probably won’t be. He’s going to fall into a category called ‘first love’, which is special, but doesn’t last forever  — aside from in your memory.

I don’t believe Selena and Justin even have that 1% chance of lasting forever. They weren’t high school sweethearts, didn’t grow up knowing one another and they’re both celebrities whose careers are taking off like rockets. That isn’t a recipe for success. But you never know…

The best advice I can give you if you think your boyfriend is ‘the one’ at 17 is to enjoy the moment. You want to look back at your first love and be grateful you had him, that you had such a great guy and such a great experience. Enjoy being where you at this very moment, and don’t look towards the future. Savor it…because it won’t last forever.


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