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Casey Anthony's Mom Testified That SHE Was The One Who Searched For 'Chloroform' On The Internet

Thu, June 23, 2011 4:48pm EDT by 4 Comments

Casey Anthony may have just caught a huge break in her trial for the 2008 murder of her 2-year-old-daughter, Caylee. Her mom Cindy has just negated evidence the prosecution previously used against Casey!

Cindy testified in the Orlando, FL court today that she was the one who searched for the word “chloroform” on the family’s computer, NOT Casey, even though work records show that Cindy was at her job at the time of the searches.

She claimed she had first been searching for something else instead. “I was searching for ‘chlorophyll’ because I was worried that it might affect my dogs,” Cindy said. “I was worried about them eating bamboo.” She later admitted that chloroform and chlorophyll are related, and that’s why the results came up on the computer.

Chloroform is important in this trial because an overwhelming amount of it was found in the trunk of Casey’s car, along with air sample evidence of decomposition!

Cindy’s story seems unlikely, especially after computer forensic expert John Bradley testified earlier in the trial that one specific website on chloroform had been visited around 80 times. He also revealed that the history of this search as well as for “neck-breaking,” “ruptured spleen,” head injury,” and “chest injuries” had been deleted on purpose, not as an automatic computer function.

The user, according to Bradley, spent a total of three minutes and 11 seconds on five sites relating to chloroform. He also testified that the user appeared to visit Facebook and MySpace pages periodically while searching — Does that sound like a middle-aged woman or a then 23-year-old?

Cindy tried to explain the other, more violent searches by saying that she had a friend in a car accident, so she was looking up different injuries, adding “I did not search for neck breaking, but there was a pop up for a YouTube video of a skateboarder doing a ‘neck breaking’ stunt.”

When cross examined by prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick, Cindy seemed unsure of a few details.

Linda: “Is it your testimony that you were home?”

Cindy: “It’s possible. I mean…”

Linda: “Were you or weren’t you?”

Cindy: “I can’t tell you exactly what time I went home.”

Later in the trial, Linda asked Cindy, “Did you do 84 searches on the effects of chlorophyll on your animals?”  She replied,”I didn’t do 84 searches of anything.”

Prosecutors are stunned at the new confession because Cindy failed to report this important information leading into the trial.

A lawyer representing Cindy and her husband, George Anthony, recently said that Casey’s parents are not convinced of her innocence, but later retracted his statement.

What do you think, HollyMoms? Is this ground-breaking new evidence in favor of Casey, a sign of a desperate mother, or just plain frustrating!?

–Brooke Peoples

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